Curious events 1/66

It would appear that the best laid plans of this cat are not to be… Apparently it is time to step up my game and get on with it.

At precisely 4:59am this morning my eyes sprang open and I was wide awake!! No chance of waiting till Monday to get this 66 day challenge on the road no no no!! The time to start is today, or so the universe is telling me. So like a dutiful servant of the cosmos up I got.

A couple of glasses of warm water later (something my Dad would smile at as he has been doing this for as long as I can remember) I was dressed in bathers and sarong with thongs on feet (with rain jacket over the top for self preservation). It had been raining all night with a total of 17mm in the gauge. The breeze was refreshing, actually darn cold, but Riley was looking at me in feverish anticipation so we set off.

20 Minutes of Exercise!

Well as most of you know I have been getting up early and beach walking for a while so this was not so difficult. We arrived at the beach at 5:11am to see one other car in the car park. The scene at that time of the morning is always spectacular and this morning was no exception. The storms were still rolling in but Riley and I had seemed to time it between storms.

We did our usual walk and I have to say that the sea felt like bath water. There is nothing quite so fabulous as the sensation of having your feet in the ocean that time of the morning. So it was that we walked and breathed and splashed and soaked in the wonder of it all for just on an hour then it was time to go home.


We had been in the ute for a whole 3.2 millisecs when the next storm crossed the coast and down came the rain again.

20 Minutes of planning!!

Well after a hot shower and some delicious sardines with tabasco peppers it was time to consider the next part of the challenge. My plan had been to spend some time on the weekend figuring out what I would plan.. Well we all know that wasn’t going to happen!

So it was that I decided to get two pieces of paper and a pen and to sit at the dining table and focus. Focus on what I can hear you asking?? I actually had no idea. But as I sat there with my eyes closed breathing deeply I started to get a chaotic mixture of ideas for a work project and a chapter for my creative writing project all rolled into one.. Is that laughter I hear, ah yes it is for many of you know me well enough that you have seen this chaotic mind at work before. So bit by bit I recorded the ideas and their offshoots on the pages.


By the end of twenty minutes a very peculiar thing had occurred. The work stuff had evolved into a nice list of ideas and things to research. The creative stuff had morphed into a mind map for a chapter with twists and turns and details and thoughts.

Who would have thought that sitting and just letting the thoughts flow could deliver these delights. I am amazed and am wondering what the next 65 days will hold.

20 Minutes of learning!!!

By now I am on a roll as I already know what I am doing for this part of the challenge hooray!! I have always loved music, right from my first memories of sitting next to my Dad at Nannas black upright piano learning one finger parts. There has always been music in our lives from when we were very small children and it is an integral part of who I am. My taste spans many genres and there is very little that I can not and have not listened to at some point on this journey thus far.

I can sight read music for singing thanks to a variety of very patient choristers who were generous enough to allow me to sing in the soprano section. Now I needed a new challenge and decided it was time to learn guitar from a book by myself!!

I know, jumping in the deep end I hear you say in disbelief. Well that is what keeps me interested. Don’t worry no plan to upload my chicken scratching sound bites just yet.


So today I sat on the couch, made myself comfortable (well as comfortable as one can with a completely foreign activity) and  I focused on the basics of Ode to Joy.. My fingers, that do not have the vaguest idea where to go,struggle to move in the right way, time or to the right place. Yet the reward of hearing but a smattering of notes that sounded ok in what one could only hope was the right spot gave me the courage to struggle on. I think this is one of the most difficult challenges I have set myself. Early days, I keep telling myself, early days.

Suddenly, just like my wake up call, my first day of 20 minute challenges was up and I realised that I was hugely grateful for the early morning wake up the universe had so kindly provided. In the space between 5am and 730am I had achieved more than I could have imagined. Look out cosmos this chaotic thinker of random thoughts is on the move and here I come.

Peace and light. Ali xx


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