Me and my companions 2/66

Well after another night of rain the alarm sounded at 5am so I swung my legs over the side of the bed and became vertical… The sleeping giant next to me spoke and decided he too would join the sojourn to the coast. Once he had his steaming mug of green tea in his hand we ventured out side into the wet and somewhat cold morning. 4.5mm rain overnight so far so good.

Then I put the key in the ignition of the ute and turned it to the sound of…. nothing!!! Yes just the tick tick tick that says that will teach you for yesterday!!!

Yesterday on my return I had left the lights on for a while before remembering to turn them off… I know I can hear you all laughing from here!! So jumper leads and some patience and a very impatient retriever on the tray and we were back up and running and heading out in the rain.

20 minutes Exercise

The sand this morning felt icy, especially with the blast of air coming from the direction of the big storm. It was a relief to step into the water and be warmed by it. The wind left the distinct taste of salt on the lips and made me breathe deeply. My giant was now strolling along with me and we chatted as the waves crashed beside us. Doesn’t get much better than this.


The view of the storm ahead, several others out to sea, and the turbulent nature of it all is never quite captured in a photo.  We were the first ones on the beach this morning as the tide was on its way out and there were no other footprints but the one we left as we headed down the beach. The sand is ever moving this time of year and the rock pools Riley swam in a week ago are now hidden below the sand like some ancient lost city. Likewise great rock relics are appearing where there once was beach. AMAZING.

Funnily the giant saw the big wave of the set coming in and backed up against the rock…. Foolish move that made us both laugh as the water hit him just above knee high then hit the rock and surged up behind him.. Little chilly me thinks. HEHE…

An hour later we were back at the car after ascending the cliff path up from the beach. I had walked part of the way backwards which you really feel in your legs. My giant informed me that was how you train for snow skiing. Interesting learnt something new.

Just like yesterday we had been in the car but a millisec and down came the rain… I know you are all waiting for the morning when I say we get drenched.. HAHA not today amigos!!

20 minutes learning.

So after a scrumptious breakfast of brown rice, fresh apple, fig, coconut, cinnamon, crushed almonds and pecans with a couple of spoons full of coconut milk (I know, I know… it was delicious and very filling!) I picked up my guitar and started again.

Time flies by when you are concentrating! I find it interesting that if you are sitting waiting for something or someone time drags like a dead body up a hill (not that I would know how that is, but it was a random thought that made me laugh).

My finger tips are rather sore this morning…. ‘Steel strings” says the giant with a knowing nod… “makes sense” says me, wondering if there is an easier alternative why the guy in the guitar shop did not recommend it??? But then again the sound of those strings twanging is lovely… Not so much when I play but one day…  Time is a racing by and even the giant recognised what I am trying to play.. “Missed a few notes there babe” he says knowingly and pats me on the shoulder… Not missed just played in a punk rock/abstract art kind of way… Can’t be stifling my creativity now can we.

20 minutes planning/dreaming/goal setting

Today it was all about dreaming where would I like to visit… I kind of bounce around on this one but today was dreaming about something called the 5 Stans tour…

Starts in Almaty, Kazakstan and over 28 days you visit lots of strange and wonderful places on the Caspian Sea, Samarkand, Bukhara and Ashgabat to name a few. All that ancient history, culture and wonder. Very quickly my 20 minutes was over and my print outs from today are now on my desk ready to share with the giant who is snoozing on the couch..

So Day 2 done and am loving the way it starts my day. Just doing my thing.. Love and light Ali xx


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