Changing Direction 3/66

Blue sky from the moment I woke up this morning. Just a few patchy clouds dissipating right before my eyes. Time to get out and at it, whatever it is!

By now you will have guessed I am a creature of routine. Warm water, check. Jacket, bathers, thongs, camera, check. Keys, giant and dog, check. Fuel in ute…..

Well that should have been on yesterdays to do list. Darn. Riley looked really confused to be going back in the yard without having gone anywhere. Poor puppy he looked so devastated, a skill retrievers have down pat. Can’t buy fuel at 5am in this country town so had to change the plan…

20 Minutes exercise.

Well the alternative plan was to take the giants big bumblebee of a 4WD and head out with out the dog… I can hear you all questioning here, and rightly so, 4WD but no dog??  The giant lives out of his vehicle a lot of the time so it is cram packed with all and sundry. Not an inch of room for a big fluffy ball of malting fur! So it was that we headed out in the usual direction.

Interestingly, at my favourite beach you have two options. Turn left to the dog beach (our usual route) or turn right into the National Park (no go zone for dogs) and follow part of the Bibbulmun Track.

this way

As I knew the track dropped down to the beach a little way to the right, we did the first section on the beach. With the sun behind us it was cool and calm with the giant collecting a few seashells on the way.

Then we headed off beach into the scrub. The path is narrow and there was a lot of evidence of Kangaroo movement and some very interesting slithering creature tracks. Winding through the dunes and the low vegetation with all the sounds of small creatures waking was amazing

. “Make sure you keep your eyes on the three metres in front of you” said the giant. “Snakes waking up” he added in his instructive tone. “Really? I just like to watch my own feet as I walk, keeps it interesting” says me laughing…  “just looking after you babe” he laughs back.

We walked for 40 minutes before we turned round to come back to the car. The sky was spectacular blue, the landscape and vegetation have that forest floor smell a mixture of dank decomposition and new life.


The 7 ft tall wild Kangaroo paw plants just  take my breath away. They appear almost furry and tower over me as I walk.


Soon we are back at the beach and the giant gives me the task of finding 12 shells with holes to string up on his in-car art piece

. “Can’t go till you get them” he smiles.. I take my time, am loving spending this precious part of the morning with him.

20 Minutes dreaming.

Sustainable housing is something I am very interested in and as such I have spent my twenty minutes this morning searching off the grid housing and living. In my dream world I would like to build my own off the grid house and set up gardens to be as close to self sufficient as possible.

20 Minutes learning.

Porta-cot challenge.. Oh my goodness one of my guests this morning requested a porta-cot for her little person. It is the first time since I arrived back in January that anyone has asked for one. Yes I knew we had a couple in the storeroom but little did I know this would be a learning experience!!

This demonic device is not something that we had anything to do with in my house. If we went away the kids slept in beds from little so this was never an issue. For some of you this may seem laughable!! It was however not…

So being the methodical creature that I am I took out the instructions, read them thoroughly and set about the simple task of constructing this sleep space for an angel. Little did I realise that it would turn out to be a chamber of horrors.  it sounded simple enough. HAHAHA

After battling with it for  a good 15 minutes I decided that it must be broken! As a woman who excels at the construction of anything flat pack, I felt my sense of who I am escaping as the minutes rolled by. Ok, so you are broken, lets get another one out…

Turns out that I haven’t actually learnt to set up a porta-cot at all…. Yet! But it is now on my list of to do’s for this week. The person requesting the dreaded item actually popped it out of the bag and up AND ready to go in about 28.497 seconds!!! Got to laugh now or I’d cry………

Breathing in and breathing out.. Ali xx


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