The sound of birdsong 4/66

Today got off to a slow start after a fantabulous evening with the giant and the scentsy man. An evening that stretched into the wee small hours.. So sluggish might be a description that fits!

20 minutes Exercise.

No beach today… Put on my joggers and walked around Karri Mia with Riley. The giant is still snoring (sucking the paint off the walls) tucked up in bed. It is so quiet here and the birdsong early in the morning is beautiful. A couple of Kookaburra’s had a bit of a cackle but then realised most people were still sleeping and cut off in mid cackle. Kind of an öh sorry” moment.

The property is really steep so you get that real calf burn coming up the other side so worth the  effort. And the view from up here is so lovely.

looking up the Wilson Inlet

I think I have worn the giant out over the last couple of days so thought it was an idea to let him sleep don’t want a grumpy giant do we….

20 minutes dreaming and planning

Still in the headspace of sustainable housing. I have been collecting books for a while and have decided that by marking the things that interest me it will give me a sense of direction. I am basically looking at the practicalities of what is possible and the materials needed to achieve that.

I have also contacted the local wind farm for wind maps of potential for the area. There are so many points of view and I am realising that it is important figure out which options suit the lifestyle you are aiming to achieve.


20 minutes learning

Today was all about learning to sit and relax. Yes I do meditate and I do try to release by clearing my mind. The giant took me out for ice cream, honey and date, and a stroll. No taking my work phone just walking and sitting on a big rock and relaxing old school.

The rock was warm and I almost dozed off with the sun warming my body and the cool breeze in my hair. My eyes closed listening to the sounds of the waves rushing up the rock just below my feet. Bliss.  I lay there for about 20 minutes with not a care in the world. What a great way to finish off the week.


Peace and light.. Ali xx


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