Treasure from the sea. 5/66

Back to my A game today! Up at 5am and off to the beach with the giant and the ever enthusiastic Riley in tow.

20 minutes of exercise.

This morning the sky was clear blue, with a band of cloud way off the coast, and the sun warm and blinding as we made our way out onto the sand. Someone way ahead of us was walking with four dogs. Riley was off like a shot wanting to get as much play time in as was possible. Soon they were all bounding around us and racing between the two groups of humans like we were goal posts on a football field.

Soon the light sleeveless jacket was off and I was walking in my bathers and board shorts without a care in the world. Then something up ahead caught our eyes.


Overnight the sea had washed up a treasure from its depths. A huge log that had obviously been in the water a considerable period of time considering how much life was now attached to it. It had been deposited on the rock ledge and was not going anywhere. Wow, I thought, I bet that log could tell a tale or two!!

On closer inspection it made me a little sad as it was teeming with life and all of that was going to dry out in the sun and die. Lots of muscles and tiny crabs and goodness knows what else. Like a floating ecosystem all of its own. The four of us present at this spectacle could not even make it move a bit…  Only a high tide would take it back out to sea. But not soon enough.

log life

What luck to get to see this freshly washed up with all its moving tentacles and living residents. As we walked away Riley and his playmates were still frolicking on the sand.

On making it back to the lookout at the carpark it was time for some serious leg stretches, 20 push-ups and some deep breathing stretches. With my arms over my head I realised the giant was watching me go through my routine. He is still not sure what I am doing, change is never easy for some to cope with. Even giants.

All too soon an hour and a bit had past and we were headed back home amazed at what we had seen but a little bit sad that all that life would be fried in the sun today.

 20 minutes learning.

Today it was time to get back on the guitar and practise, practise, practise!! It is actually starting to sound tune like.. My days of abstract/punk sound creation might be coming to a close. Just wish I could remember without the book.  I guess that will come in time and my poor fingertips are slowly starting to toughen up!

There is something magical about learning to play an instrument. All the sounds and possibilities that are now becoming a reality are really special. Maybe one day I will get to write music for the lyrical poetry that is sitting in my book of bits.. Who knows!

I’m feeling good about the progress I am making and that in itself is an interesting journey. I however, along with the other members of my household, will be glad when I have mastered Ode to Joy and I can move on…

20 minutes planning

Todays planning session was all about meals and eating well. I am trying hard to clean eat and as such spent this time finding recipes for good clean healthy meals that I can create. I have a couple of sites that I am a bit fond of so I thought I would share.

I am a main meal at lunch person so stir-fry veg and salad are my two mainstays. This morning I got all kinds of ideas on what is possible beyond the mainstays so it was a really good experience.

It is amazing how different your body feels when it has the opportunity to function better and to be fed really good food. I stopped drinking fizzy drinks ages ago and have not drunk tea or coffee for a very long time. I am partial to a Rooibus or a herb tea but am happy to have a glass of warm water.  My skin is clearer my head is clearer and my body feels so much better for it.

I have also moved away from dairy as it just seems to make me feel bloated and not comfortable. This journey has been long and slow and sometimes I fall off the wagon. Just need to keep getting back on, I tell myself, no guilt just learning experiences.

Five days in and I am feeling like this is a really good way to start my day. The beauty of blogging is that I will be able to reflect back on all the things I learn, unlearn and cast off along the way.

Feeling grateful.. Ali xx


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