Misty morning and the blues 6/66

misty morning

20 Minutes exercise

A hazy mist was hanging over the beach this morning as our increasing tribe headed out for a walk and exploration. The giant has his best mate along for the journey this morning. The air is cool but by no means cold as we walk all the way to the next rock shelf and back.

Two intrepid surfers out for an early morning wave generate a whole detailed conversation on their potential as great white breakfast material. The giant and his mate doing some serious hand signalling to each other over the sound of crashing waves. Neither of them having any inclination to be out there. Funny as 20 years ago I remember sitting for hours on a beach while the prepared all their gear and headed out into the water for a dive. My how things change over time.

Today though it was all about the walk and the morning light. As we returned to the carpark Riley and I decided it was time to head home for a shower and breakfast and we left the two explorers to trek about in directions we couldn’t go. I am sure at least one of them had a ‘bear grylls’ survival kit tucked in their bag along with binoculars and other sundry items one might need at the beach. Me, I just have car keys, doggy poop bags and sunnies its my minimalist approach!!

20 Minutes learning

Well Ode to Joy is coming along nicely but for everyone’s sanity it is time to add a new piece to my tiny repertoire.

Blues rifts sounds fairly innocuous but do not be fooled. The fingers that are only just making their way out of the realm of punk/abstract sound have been lulled into a false sense of security by the old ode to joy. Blues is a whole other game. As I sit here typing I am reminded that once upon a time I couldn’t touch type and that at some point in the future my mind and my hands will develop the same ease with the guitar that I have with a keyboard typing. I find it fascinating that this journey is developing in so many directions and we are only 6 days in.

Who knows what the future holds! Maybe one day when I am touring with Carlos Santana you will all look back and go Ï remember when she was learning and writing strange blog posts about her experience”  don’t hold your breath guys. Still we all need to aim high don’t we!!

20 Minutes planning/ dreaming / goal setting


Today is all about planning for the future and where I would like to be and setting out some goals for the next 66 days

  • exercise goal 1: to lift my current rate of 20 push ups/ 20 sit ups/ 30 seconds planking to double that by day 60
  • Writing goal 1: to map out the next 6 chapters of my fiction work, one on every tenth day of this challenge
  • Health and well being goal 1: to meditate at least 5 out of seven evenings of the week prior to bed
  • Writing goal 2: to continue to capture my thoughts on paper at every opportunity
  • Music goal 1: to get at least 3 more chapters of learning guitar on their way in 60 days.

At least that is a start!  It may not be your cup of tea (herbal, decaffeinated, full strength or otherwise) but it is a beginning. It is more about utilising my potential whatever that may be. I am sure that some things will challenge me more than others (Blues being the first challenge!!!) but that is how we learn by challenging our preconceived notions of ourselves.

Feeling grateful and pumped.

Peace and light. Ali xxx


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