Little bit of rain 7/66

I woke up this morning to the sound of light rain.. Not enough to make a difference but enough to cause a ticking sound to be coming from the downpipes. The sky was a hazy grey that left the drive to the beach cool and comfortable.

20 Minutes exercise


The tide, which has been way out for days, is once again surging up the beach. This has caused the amazing log covered in barnacles, from the other day, to be dragged back out over the rock shelf and redeposited on the beach. Much of its ecosystem is now gone and it is looking more like a log.

Interestingly, a man walking on the beach this morning told us it appeared to have originated in the Fijian Islands!! Apparently when he took a really good look at the wood he determined it was not local at all.  The people you meet when you are walking with the dog (and the Giant and his mate Stu) can be fascinating.

I love the way you can really feel the walking in your legs. The soft wet sand sucks your feet in up to the ankles making it quite a workout.

Once again the Giant and Stu decided to potter about shell collecting so Riley and I headed back to the lookout for stretches and push ups. Then, in an effort to maintain my plan of attack, Riley and I hopped in the ute leaving the boys to it.

Breakfast this morning consisted of 1/2 a red apple, 1/2 a Bartlett pear, smashed pecans and almonds, shaved coconut, cinnamon, 4 dried figs, brown rice and a 5 dessert spoons of coconut milk to add some moisture.  Lets just say I get very hungry after walking but feel much better after a good breakfast washed down with a big glass of rooibos tea.

20 Minutes learning


When I started this learning journey with the guitar I was hopeful but a little nervous as to how it would go. I am not sure I am musically flying YET! but I have realised that the something solid to stand on is my ear for tune.

The blues piece I started yesterday is actually sounding a little more tuneful today and I am wondering why I have waited this long to do this! I am busier now than I have been in a long time, I have long days at work that sometimes stretch into the night so what is different?

This whole getting up at 5am is becoming my favourite part of the day. I am learning and moving and planning and starting off my day in such a positive way.  Loving it!!

20 Minutes planning.

Today it was all about work and weddings and long weekends. Planning when I will need help in the office and when I will be ok. There was also a lot of thought put into ideas and thoughts for the new owners of the caravan park. They take over December 14 when the world of holiday makers will be in full swing.  The sheer size of the property here along with the amount of gardening and maintenance can be a bit overwhelming so spending the time to plan what is next is very useful.

Well time to get on with the day. Have a fabulous day everyone. Peace and light. Ali xxx


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