Moroccan Paleo bread and the Giant 8/66

Isn’t it funny how someone (the Giant) who has been so resistant to all things healthy has finally had a bit of a breakthrough with Paleo bread.. Amazing, but more on that one later.

20 Minutes exercise.

The sun was beaming as the Giant, Riley and I hit the beach this morning for OUR early morning activities.  It was about 5:20am as we walked out onto the sand and into the water… Well Riley and I did!! The Giant is still convinced the water is cold at that time of the morning… However by the time we reach the first rock ledge he is happy to stride into the water (ankle deep) to explore and discover what is hiding in the rock pools.

rock shelf

As there was very little cloud cover the sun was somewhat blinding as we headed east on the beach. The wind was whipping up the sand to the point of stinging.  Nothing like a bit of exfoliation as you walk. As always there were shells to collect and waves to watch as we went as far as the tide would let us before turning back. Each day the tide, and what it delivers to shore, are the greatest factors in why the same location is ever changing. To see the beach changing shape with the season and to know that many of the secrets now lay below the sand is special. My hope is that next season the rock pools will reappear and once again be filled with surprises.

Back at the car park it was time for the obligatory stretches and push ups. Apparently, according to the Giant, he would join in but not when there is the chance a random surfer might see… Oh well that might be the next challenge.

At home I offer up my Moroccan Paleo bread with omelette on the top. To my surprise the Giant agrees with enthusiasm (well he said Ók then”)

Here is the recipe for the Paleo bread I just add Moroccan spices to razzle dazzle it up a bit.

I put lean bacon (organic) fresh chopped paprika and zucchini  in the omelette. Once it was cooked, before I folded it over, I put fresh shredded silver beet inside.  A tissue thin piece of vintage cheddar on top of the  toasted Paleo before adding the omelette and it was done.  Apparent award winning!  So my Giant says.

20 Minutes learning

Well the blues piece is actually sounding…, (well not exactly bluesy) better than yesterday. I am finding that I get less tied in knots when I am trying to play what I have already been practising which has to be a good sign.


I have realised I am a bit of a hard task master on myself and that the mistakes are frustrating. So I read this quote this morning and thought I need to adjust my compass a fraction. I am not about to be tested by anyone but myself and so I am choosing to be kinder to ME. There is so much to learn and I am at just the tip of the iceberg so I am choosing to chill and repeat until it starts to feel/sound better.

20 minutes planning/ goal setting/ researching

Today was all about tiny house plans. Researching with the Giant. We both want similar things but my eye is more drawn to complex shapes. This morning it was octagonal  designs. Not really sure why other than I thought it would be really good to live in that kind of space.


This is just an example so you can see what I mean. My idea is to strip out a lot  of the features and have a majority of it as an open space in which to live. Well as we all know time flies my when you are having fun so now it is time for work and whatever else today holds.

Till tomorrow. Peace and light Ali xx


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