Flat out like a lizard on a rainy rock. 9/66

7mm of rain in the gauge this morning and the sky was a dark heavy grey. The usually good view of the distant hills was shrouded in mist and the ground was wet. Still no better time to head to the beach for that walk.

20 Minutes of Exercise.

So off we headed in the ute with the misty rain falling. The giant, now wearing a fluro wet weather jacket, offered any number of plausible reasons as to why we should abandon the idea. But no this is what we do so he got out of the car and we headed toward the beach.

Just as we reached the crest of the hill he looked around and suggested we wait till the next rain passed. Not to be put off I strode on.


There is something really soothing about walking in the rain. The falling drops are like a salve to the soul and so it is that we trudged off down the wet and rainy beach. For the first time in a while the tide was rushing up the beach, the rock shelf, although knee deep in water, was still just passable. Sadly there would be no venturing out on the second rock shelf today as the ocean was like a washing machine and pounding across it. Not being a good swimmer this was a risk I was not prepared to take.

On turning back toward the car park, the first rock shelf was now covered in surging tide so I put on my thongs to climb over the top of the rocky outcrop. Sometimes when you have to change your routine you are rewarded.

Today my reward was a lizard, flat out on a rock like… well, the proverbial Lizard. He lay very still not moving while I snapped away with my camera. I did wonder if he were dead but after I passed him and turned back for a final look he was gone. Quick as that!!

flat out

20 Minutes learning.

Well here I am back at my guitar practising those same jingles and runs. The fingers are now toughening up however the nails need cutting as they create all sorts of out of tune blips in my music.  Funny how much I am loving this in the mornings. Every morning gets a little better and my blues run is now almost recognisable!!

Next challenge is take the CD from the back of the book and play along with it!! Now that will be a challenge as I am sure my timing is experiencing personal interpretation. Think that may be my personal challenge for tomorrow morning.

20 Minutes. goal setting/planning/dreaming.

I have been searching today for a new course to do online.. My favourite site Coursera has amazing things that we can all do. Each one gives you a window of insight into yet another interesting subject.  I was hoping for something that starts in March 2015 but nothing with those start dates are up and on display yet. So even though I spent my 20 minutes reading about some pretty amazing things it will be something I have to revisit in the new year.


the fact that there are 747 courses available in English has to be something worth considering.

Time to refocus on checking in my guests today so until tomorrow have a great one.

Peace and light Ali xxx


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