Feeling grateful for the simple things in life 11/66

What a morning!  Howling wind, horizontal rain and my head needed to tucked into a beanie for the first time since mid winter.

The sound on approaching the ocean was LOUD! Actually, we could see the white caps way out to sea from a couple of kilometres from the coast. Eleven days into this challenge and feeling like nothing can stop me.

20 Minutes exercise.

When the Giant, Riley and I got to the beach today it was darker clouds than yesterday but it was spectacular.


Ahead of us the rising sun was bursting through the edge of the storm that was still out to sea. The wind was making me stagger down the path, yes the wind, no other contaminants in this body that would cause that kind of reaction!!

By the time our feet hit the sand the horizontal rain was hitting us in the back with some force. Today there were a group of people doing Tai Chi on the beach. As we past them they were meditating. Over an hour later when we returned they were just coming out of the standing meditation. That…. is dedication.

The amazing moving sand is changing the beach dramatically. The first rock shelf was still impassable but now the sand bank, that was being created at its leading edge, meant that it is a 1 metre climb instead of a 2 metre climb to get on top of the rocks.


Between the rain and the wind and the dark sky there was a tangible sense of power as you inhaled the air.

The rain stopped long enough for us to get back in the car without dripping… We were only 300 metres down the road when down it came again.

20 Minutes Learning.

The music this morning is now starting to move towards the correct timing. I have to say that some of the bits that I had completely mixed up the timing on sound like totally different tunes at the correct timing! Who knows maybe I have a bit of improvisation flowing in my veins, The Giant was making himself a bacon and egg burger with tomato and melted cheese while I was practising. My mouth was salivating and I had an enormous urge to abandon my healthy eating plan and dive on in. Lucky for me I was determined to complete my guitar practise, temptation thrown to the kerb!!

20 Minutes planning/goal setting

The Giant and I started working our way through all the pages I had marked in my sustainable housing books. We discovered that we are thinking along the same lines on a lot of the elements. However, some of my more left of centre ideas have been moved to the garden feature pile rather than the main house pile. No matter I will work on creating some interesting structures in the garden of the new location, where ever that may turn out to be.


The Sustainable House by Michael Mobbs was the big winner. 20 years ago I gave the Giant the original book (this has been a dream for a long time!!)  Now this new version has some of the original ideas but importantly has all the lessons learnt over that 20 year period. Great book and one that rang true to our inner compass.

Well, people checking out after the big weekend so best get working. Keeping it real. Ali xxx


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