Out on the rock ledge 12/66

Yet another grey morning with the breeze chilly so it is time to don the beanie and head out into it! No rain jacket today but I have put it in the ute.. Just in case!

20 Minutes Exercise


By the time the Giant, Riley and I had reached the beach this morning I was certain that no rain was going to fall. The sky was still that deep grey but the cloud was so high and there were no dark fallings on the horizon. The tide was also well out so we set off in the direction of the first rock shelf.

Riley loves swimming in the rock pools and is intrigued by the rising water when no wave is actually close by. It makes you realise that a huge volume of water is on the move below the surface of the rock. We are walking on some kind of platform that is floating on the sea.


Suddenly Riley jumped back from the edge of the crevice and a really feisty crab jumped about and then shuffled off down the crack.. I think he would have given a nasty nip if any of us had gotten too close.


The tide was so far out today that we made it all the way to the middle of the third rock shelf.. The pools were deep enough that they had small black and silver striped fish in them. The Giant was really reluctant to leave however as we had walked for over an hour and a half it was time to head back to reality.

20 Minutes planning.

Todays planning was all about work and the upcoming events. As we move through the tourist season into the wedding season there is so much to consider so today was all about that! By eight o’clock I had already had my first conversation with a tradie and was finding things out about water management. Life is never boring here!

20 Minutes Learning.

Well here we are again strumming away on the guitar.. Actually picking out the tunes from the book and working towards getting that timing spot on. Nothing new to report other than still loving the challenge of this instrument.

Peace and light everyone Ali xxx


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