Sunshine at last 13/66

Waking up this morning there was a different feel in the air even before I had opened my eyes. Some of that was due to it being the last morning walk with my Giant before he returns to the hole in the ground. It was also due to the brightness of the light that was creeping in through the blinds. There is something wonderful that happens when, after a series of dark grey mornings, you wake to a blue sky.

20 Minutes exercise. (or walking for an hour+ on the beach)

Well even Riley could feel the change in the air this morning. We arrived at the beach to discover that a couple of French backpackers had slept there overnight. How could you blame them when this is what greeted them this morning.


The sun reflecting in the remains of the sea on the sand was beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, every day on the beach is a little different to the last, today was just that little bit more shiny.

This is the last day that the Giant gets to walk with Riley and I before he heads back to the hole in the ground. I could feel it in his quietness as we headed out toward the rock ledges. He strode ahead leading the way like every good Giant does.


There was almost no wind and the tide was way out but on the turn so we knew that by the time we got to the third rock ledge it may not be passable. Still every second on the sand is worth an hour of every other kind of activity so we ambled on.


Sometimes the universe gives you a gift and this morning it was the long stretch of rock ledge that we managed to conquer before the tide sent us back rather faster than we had gone out. It was with reluctance that we headed to the car park. The Giant took the long way round so I headed to the platform to do my stretches and push ups. Cant believe I can do 25 push ups now. Feeling very humbled by what is achievable when you put your mind to it. Eventually the Giant came back to the car and with a big sigh we drove quietly toward home.

20 Minutes of planning

We have been collecting all kinds of things on our walks, shells, stones and memories. I got back from the beach with the strangest thing…. A head full of artistic ideas! it has been a long while since I had a creative idea like this so I spent my twenty minutes mapping out ideas for mobiles and artwork incorporating some of what we found on the beach and some that were cutlery based?!


I am filled with a strange sense of melancholy as I roll each of the beach treasures over in my hand… Just having a bit of a moment.

20 Minutes learning.

This morning the blues run is actually sounding like music now that’s a shock!! There is one line in Ode for Joy that trips me up so tomorrow I am going to repeat that line until I get it right! ‘Muscle memory babe” the Giant says encouragingly ‘just got to develop that muscle memory” my how things have changed. Hopefully by the time he returns it will be muscle memorised!


At least I am now working on the notes G and A on the third string so we are progressing. I can hear you all being grateful you are not in earshot at 7am but that’s ok…

So heading into the working day. Be kind to each other. Peace and light Ali xxx


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