Just the two of us 14/66

It was a little strange to be getting up and heading out without the Giant today. It was feeling really good to be walking together but life has a funny way of getting in the way sometimes so he has headed back to the heat and the red earth. Heading out to the ute I decided to let Riley sit up front. As I walked round the back of the ute I caught my arm on the tray-back! OOOCH… that’s going to bruise…

20 Minutes Exercise.


Yesterday afternoon there was a big fire out in the forestry area and so this morning the light was eerie with the blue sky and the dispersing smoke that had lingered. The other strange thing was there were no other walkers on the beach this morning! Solitude…. Well except for Riley who was looking a little lost as there were no furry companions to race around with.

Today felt very different with all the silence the conversation in my mind seemed quite loud at first. Soon the soothing ocean took over and by the time we got to the second rock ledge the sun was burning off the smoke and the warm rays started doing their thing.


The sea was a lot calmer today and the tide was way out but still not quite far enough out to get all the way to the back beach.


Even the waves were calm and so as we turned and headed back toward the start we powered it up a level and sped up.

Soon we were back at the car park (well about 50 minutes all up) and it was time to stretch and do my push ups and stretch again. I have decided that exercise is a lot easier if you have something wonderful to look at.


Not a bad view while I am doing the push ups and stretching. Keeps me wanting to continue. All too soon it was time to hop back in the ute and head for home and breakfast before the start of a busy day.

20 Minutes learning.

Finally that darn line of notes in Óde to Joy” is finally starting to gel… Muscle memory starting to develop.. The Giant would be grateful not to have been here for at least 10 minutes straight of the repetition of that one line this morning! Still if that is what it takes it will be worth it.


That is how I am feeling at the moment. I am giving this my best shot and sticking to the plan and it feels really good and I do feel inspired to keep going.

20 Minutes planning.

My mobile of sea treasures moved into a physical realm today. Yesterday it was notes on a page today my 20 minutes was all about testing different ways to connect the pieces and seeing if any of them felt and looked right. Still a work in progress but I am enjoying working on it.

Today was a crazy hectic day and I honestly believe I got through it because of the way I started it. My time in the morning is now a precious gift I give to myself and that astounds me. All my life I have talked about making time for me things and now I am doing it in a really structured way it is wonderful. Funnily enough it doesn’t feel restricted by the structure, in fact is would seem that the structure is a big part of why it feels so fluid.

Hope you all had a great day too.  Peace and light Ali xx


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