Breathing deeply as the rain falls 15/66

Today sadly there was no trip to the beach as I awoke to the sound of rain and could not see to the other side of the road. Riley looked mortified to not be getting in the ute and heading for the sea.  Time to find a CD and have a morning of yoga stretching and indoor exercise.


20 Minutes exercise.

I really like my living space to relax and meditate in there are very few distractions apart from a very sad retriever who is looking in through the window with his big sad eyes. I am sure he feels like he is being punished when we don’t head out for our early morning walk. Time is so fleeting yet when I look in his eyes is seems immeasurable.

Getting up is the easy bit now. The alarm sounds at 5am and often I am already awake waiting for it to go off.

As several of you will know I have a bit of a collection of meditation music CD’s and so today started with a search for something to set the tone. I settled on Floating Towards Ecstasy by Sean McVitty one of my favourites at the moment as it seems to transport me very quickly to another place.


I am glad that this section of the challenge is one that I never contain to 20 minutes! The music runs for an hour but it feels like 10 minutes! So I got myself ready and began with stretches that I had learnt in yoga class. I am amazed how often I use the focused breathing techniques I learnt there. The slow steady movement combined with the breathing help me feel centred and tune me in to myself.

Add a series of push ups (25) sit ups (25) leg raises (25 per leg) and planking (25 seconds) followed by more stretches and breathing deeply and sooner that you can imagine 60 minutes has flown by. I love how my body feels and how it sets my day on fire.


Any space where you can fit your mat and feel comfortable will do. I am so looking forward to those warm mornings where I will be able to do this outside in the early morning sun. How blessed I feel to be living my life.

20 Minutes learning.

Well this was a bit of a giggle today. I felt a little frustrated when I started as my hands were stiff and the arm that had the altercation with the tailgate of the ute is sore. Still I decided that this is my commitment so just get on with it. I had a bit of a return to the abstract/punk rock sounds of my first days. Then as I laughed and let go it gradually came back to a sound bordering on music.


These few notes that look so simple on the page yet are so challenging are starting to resonate with me. No I didn’t play this upside down but it did feel a little like I was trying to for at least 10 minutes today. Even Riley was trying to put his paws over his ears till he dozed off!!!

20 Minutes planning/ goal setting/ dreaming


I am one of those people who likes to be reading more than one book at a time so that no matter how I am feeling there is always something to pick up and read. Possibilities by Herbie Hancock is a really interesting insight into a truly talented man. Make peace with your plate one meal at a time by Jess Ainscough is a really empowering and inspirational read. So today was about dreaming and reading and setting and resetting goals in relation to health, nutrition and following your passion.

It seems that we are arriving at the end of this chapter late in the day again. The storm is passing and the evening light is fading into the dark. So just one last shot.


I looked up from my computer and felt compelled to go outside into the light rain and attempt to capture this beautiful light to share. Nothing is more beautiful than nature itself.

Sleep well everyone. Ali xxx


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