Gifts from the passing storm 16/66

Woke up this morning to very thick fog up here on the mountain. The air was thick and warm and all the rain we had yesterday seems to have turned into the most amazing cloud.


If dogs could scream I love you I think that is what Riley was doing this morning. The minute I picked up the ute keys he was bouncing around like a 6 month old puppy. The drive to the beach was a little slower due to visibility issues that dispersed as we moved to lower ground.

20 Minutes exercise.

My breath is taken away on a regular basis by what the universe delivers first thing in the morning.. And this morning was no exception!


Rolling down the cliff face and into the sea the fog from the mountain was breathtaking. Walking was blissful in fragmented light moving towards the shroud of droplets.


It is humbling to be out there and to experience this in the morning. There are no words that do it justice. I was transfixed for just on an hour. Walking breathing and soaking it into my soul (Thanks Hayley for that thought xx)


Even as I got back to the car park and turned it was still spilling its beauty out onto the sea. What a blessed morning to be alive.


By the time I got back home the sun was burning off the fog and I could see more clearly (in more ways than one) Yet as I looked out toward the sea it was still obscured by the mist that lay between us with no hint of the glorious beauty the beach was bathed in. A gift indeed.

20 Minutes sharing/planning/ dreaming

Janey and I spent some time on the phone today talking, amongst other things, about this very process. My 20 minutes today was all about sharing my experience of what I am getting out of this on a number of levels. We talked about some childhood memories and our dreams and fears growing up and made a plan for sharing some sister time tomorrow.


We are so different and yet so alike in many of the unseen ways that we only share with each other. That is the beauty of the bond of sisterhood. Can’t wait for the early morning swim tomorrow. xx

20 Minutes learning.

Tuning time today so that the instrument of choice is ready for the road trip. I am giggling to myself about the fact that it now feels important that I pack my guitar. What is happening?? Whatever it is I am embracing it and walking forward toward tomorrow with anticipation.

Catch you all tomorrow. Peace and light. Ali xx


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