Home again for the moment 19/66

It was lovely to wake up in my own bed this morning even though my body was feeling stiff from all the driving of the last couple of days. Riley doesn’t get back from his doggy holiday until later today so there was a millisecond where I considered rolling over and going back to sleep. My eyes did not think the same! It can be a curse and a blessing that I am one of those people who, once my eyes are open, I am on like a light globe… No going back to sleep for this girl.

20 Minutes exercise.

I had a variety of options open to me this morning for possible exercise locations as I could have gone to all the places you can’t take a dog. Yet my heart and mind needed to have a walk on the beach after two days up in the big smoke.


As I had no one but me to organise I arrived at the beach a little earlier than usual. The sun was just creeping over the top of the cliffs as I made my way down to the beach. It was still and the waves were gentle in their journey to the shore. The tide was not all the way out so there would be no rock shelf walking today. That is not a bad thing as the climb over the rocks gives you a different perspective on the glorious view.


Funnily, one of the other regulars on the early morning walks appeared and immediately asked me where my dog was! No hello, or good morning, or beautiful day… Just a concerned look and questions about Riley! Once he realised that Riley would be back tomorrow then he wished me a great day and went on his way.


Now I was completely alone on the long walk to the third rock shelf. It was a strange feeling not to have my furry companion bouncing around with me yet it gave me the opportunity to notice things I had not noticed before. And there he was a big old bear with his camping sticks strapped to his back walking down the rock face. Funny the characters you meet on the rock ledge.


Time to turn and head for home and to see what this day brings.

20 minutes learning.

Playing along with the CD for the pieces I have been learning on my guitar is challenging. Yet this morning I felt like I am making my way forward as I could almost keep up with all of the handful of pieces I am working on. My fingertips are feeling less sensitive and I am finding my way around the instrument with a touch more ease.

Practise is the key and I am feeling determined about this continuing on and all the possibilities that lay within this one choice.

20 Minutes planning/goal setting/dreaming

This morning I spent my 20 minutes reading a little book called One Small Step Can Change Your Life – The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer.


It is a great little book that is really in tune with this whole 66 day process. A couple of things I read this morning resonated with me.

  • “What shapes our lives are the questions we ask, refuse to ask, or never think to ask.”  Sam Keen..  Having lived a number of years now I can really relate to this. We all ask questions everyday yet the ones that have the most impact are often the ones that we refuse to ask either of others or ourselves. Likewise I have also had moments where I have wished I had thought to ask something. All questions have value and there truly is no stupid question.
  • He goes on to offer up three simple questions. If health were my first priority, what would I do differently today? What is one way I can remind myself to drink more water? How can I incorporate a few more minutes of exercise into my daily routine?        I almost laughed out loud as the first question has a lot to do with this blog and why I took on the 66 day challenge. The second one is why I have alarms set in my phone every two hours of waking time!!! To remind me that I need to drink. As for the last, I am well on my way with the exercise everyday routine..

Lots of things aligning in my life right now and in the lives of those around me as we all move towards healthier more productive and satisfying lives.

Till next time, Peace and light Ali xxx


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