Its all about the sea, fossils and adventures on the page. 20/66

11mm of rain yesterday certainly took the air temperature down to a chilly 12 C so this morning was a morning for a beanie and a scarf before heading out. Still wearing my shorts and t-shirt but needed a little warmth around the ears.

20 Minutes exercise.


The wind was blowing from the south this morning as Riley and I made our way down onto the sand. The early morning light was just peaking through the remnants of the storm that dropped the 11mm of rain on us yesterday and last night. Riley was excited to be back on the beach and went straight into the water.


We caught up with the old timer as we approached the second rock shelf and chatted as we climbed up on the rocks to get to the next beach.


It was a beautiful morning even if it was a little chilly.


Riley was in his element for the whole of the walk as this is the first time since Friday that he has been to the beach. As we returned to the car park he looked at me with a look that said “We are coming back tomorrow aren’t we?” love that furry bundle.

20 Minutes Learning.

Today my learning occurred while I was on the beach with the old timer. We have made small talk every day as our paths have crossed while walking. As we walked today he opened up and was talking about what he has seen over the last 15 years of walking this beach everyday. He confirmed what I had already thought that the beach never looks quite the same on any two days in a row.

The conversation bounced around and I shared an experience from childhood of being on holiday in Norfolk and one of us finding a fossil amongst the pebbles on the beach. His face lit up and he told me all about being in the Himalaya’s and finding the same thing.

He looked up at the cliffs and started telling me about the great forest that had grown there many millions of years ago and that the holes in the limestone were made by the roots of those great trees. Then he asked if I had some time and he would show me something special. I rely on my gut instinct in these situations and as no warning bells were going off I agreed.

We moved between the pieces of fallen rock until we came to a piece the size of a couple of rooms that was speared into the beach. Now I had photographed this several times with out really seeing or taking the time to look closely at what stories it was telling. We moved in along one side that had an overhang that hid a huge crevice in the rock.

The old timer bent down and looked up into the crevice from below and told me to do the same. There tucked inside this crevice were the fossilised roots of a tree.


I was in awe of this secret that I have walked past since January without realising it even existed. What a fabulous thing to be sharing at 5:30 in the morning with a fellow dog walker. He helped me to see these pieces of rock through new eyes and I was both humbled and honoured that he chose to share this information with me.


The dark hole would have been made by the big tap root that is long gone. What a fabulous learning experience and a gift that was both unexpected and amazing.

20 Minutes planning.

The old timer also shared with me his experience of the unpredictability of the ocean and advised me never to underestimate its power and ferocity. By the time I had driven home I had a head filled with ideas for another chapter of my book. So it was that I sat and for just over 20 minutes I poured these ideas out onto the pages before me.

Time flies by when you are on a roll and so soon it was time to down pen and paper to each breakfast. It was only then that I realised that today is day 20 and this was the draft mind map for a second chapter while doing the challenge. A goal I had set to draft a map of a chapter every 10 days was heading in the right direction.

Feeling blessed. Ali xxx


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