Back to the beach. 22/66

Wow I have reached the 1/3 marker on my challenge. Yesterday came to a close on the table of healing hands that have blessed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. I feel very blessed right now.

20 Minutes exercise.

Dark clouds hung in the air as Riley and I made our way to the beach this morning. It wasn’t cold, 14C, and there was no real breeze to speak of.


We strode out onto the long beach with a rapid stride. The tide was out quite a way so the rock ledges were accessible this morning even if the ocean colour was dark and secretive.

22663  22664

Riley is now quite adventurous and sticks his nose in the crevices to see what is there. It is only a matter of time before he gets a nip from one of the crabs that are adverse to such interruptions!


I just love the way the water runs off of the rock shelf as the tide slides out.

I have often said that if the tide is in you can not access the rock shelf or risk getting caught out on it. That is because the cliffs are unforgiving and covered in rough scrub. On top of that there are the resident tiger snakes that make trudging through the scrub very dangerous. So no going there!!!

22665   22668

As always the time had come to head for home. Still no rain falling and so I decided to hop in the shower before breakfast. Low and behold I get out of the shower and it is pouring down with rain… Timing is everything!!

20 Minutes Learning.

Beware as in the near future there may be a sound bite of this guitar novice!! Well maybe not the near future!! It is however sounding better every day… Not that I am biased 🙂

I am feeling more at ease and I can actually stretch my hands to the odd chord or two which is a dramatic improvement on where I started.

20 Minutes reading/ writing/ planning

I sat down to do some planning this morning and what eventuated was some creative writing about Pirates out on the sea.

It was a funny kind of development as the Giant was formerly thought to be a pirate! Yet I went with the flow and captured the random thoughts on the page.


Made me smile so I thought I would share…

So bring me sea dollars me hearties, And I’ll tell you a tale of the sea, Of the lost ones that writhe in the dark depths, With the souls bound never to be free.

Well they sailed the high seas in a vessel, They had captured from a crew unawares, Tossed overboard into the darkness, For the pirates had not a care.

The Enchanted” they renamed Conundrum, Giving nought but a flash of a thought, Little realising their fate was now destined, Their journey soon to be fraught.

For the sky grew dark and oppressive, The sea it screamed out like the souls of the dead, Fear grew in the hearts of the wicked, As their path grew nearer death swirled in their head.

Mighty waves smashed Conundrum like firewood, All the crew were thrown into the sea, Not a one survived the onslaught, Yet the souls of the murdered floated free.

Don’t lie to the ocean with malice, Don’t use her to cover your guilt, For she’ll draw you right into her depths, Plunge her watery sword in you right up to the hilt.

Well the wreckage was taken by the ocean, Bar a piece about the size of a drum, That bore the skin of the Captains face, Puzzled – What a Conundrum!

stormy morning

Peace light and joy.  Ali xxx


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