A visit, a journey and Carlos Santana 23/66

Sometimes in life our life path crosses that of another soul and we become linked by the threads within the tapestry of our lives. We go through the thick and thin of life side by side knowing that no matter how many miles are between us we are still connected.

Well one of those particular blessings in my life arrived late yesterday and so it was that in the early morning light I had a new companion to stroll on the beach with.

20 Minutes Exercise.

23667 Shell

Shell and I chatted till we were dozing on the couch last night catching up on all that needed to be shared. Then this morning before the alarm even sounded we were both awake and ready to head out to the beach.

What a joy to share this special time with each other. Talking about the kids and everyone we know, catching up on the goings on in our families and our wider circle. The walk was a great success even if she did think the water was a tad cold to walk in!


Bless her heart she came all the way out to the last rock ledge with me and we looked in the rock pools and at the cliff face sharing this space and time together.


Riley was of course just tracking every scent and wandering along in his own little world. Got to love a dog who just embraces the opportunity and loves the beach as much as I do.

By the time we were back in the car park all three of us were good and ready for breakfast so home we headed.

20 Minutes learning.


Change is difficult. The old ways call you back like a siren on the sea calling the ship to the rocks. I am working really hard to make my life better. Health, headspace, writing, doing, being, living and loving! None of it is easy BUT it is worth it.

My body is changing and becoming a different shape and creature to what it was. I am learning to listen to this body and to let it guide me. Every now and then I fall off the wagon and reach for an old habit or crutch. The difference is now I understand that is what I am doing, no self flagellation, no punishing myself, just recognition and the decision to do better next time.

Wisdom is not something that you wake up one morning and have! It is the incremental learning that occurs one tiny step at a time. The whole Kaizen approach is making so much more sense to me now. Little by little is exactly how it goes.

This morning I managed to do 30 push ups and was completely amazed by this. I had set myself the goal to reach by the end of the year and here we are I have made it. What it made me realise is that I have the guts to dig deep, to keep going when my mind and body are screaming stop. So it is that by choosing to live my life, not yours, not the Giants, just my life, I am finding my way to a healthier happier me. That is a big lesson that has been a long time in the making.

The other big realisation is that this is a never ending journey! I am not going to wake up one day and find that I have made it. Why? Because ”it” is constantly changing.

The things that inspired me at 20 were not the same things that inspired me at 40. Now as I head through my 50’s I see the world in an entirely different light.

Once upon a time studying at university was all that I wanted and I loved every minute. Now Life and living inspire me in a much more powerful way. So here we are still travelling the road all that has changed is the direction and the terrain. And for that I am both humbled and grateful.

20 Minutes dreaming/ reading/ planning

Today I picked up my copy of the book “The Universal Tone” Carlos Santana.


The blurb says ‘The Universal Tone offers an inspiring story of musical fearlessness that finds humour in the world of high-flying fame, speaks plainly of personal revelations, and celebrates the divine and infinite possibility Santana sees in each person he meets.’

I am so looking forward to reading about an artist who has been part of the musical soundtrack to my life. I have been lucky enough to see him live in a winery concert where I was six rows from the front. His music is beyond distinct and yet when you hear him live it is never the same again.

The thing that impacted on me most was the humility of the man and how he acknowledged the skill and artistry in those that surrounded him. Here was the man and his band that had played Woodstock in 1969 without ever having recorded anything!!!

Making a guitar speak to your soul is what this man does and in some ways it is that experience that has lead me to wanting to learn guitar. I am looking forward to this read and the insight into the man himself.

Well time to finish off the days work. Till next time.  Peace and Love Ali xxx


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