800+kms, a wedding and a trip down memory lane 24,25/66

Wow another huge weekend in the family. It was will absolute delight that I got to witness the marriage of the cattleman and the nurse in spectacular Busselton. What a privilege to see such joy and love on display and yet another stella night for speeches and dancing.


20 minutes exercise.

It would seem that we have been walking for days as if Shell and I have not been in the car driving we have been trekking about! Believe me when you have to drive 100’s of kilometres to a location you need to walk and stretch at every opportunity. So these last couple of days have been an adventure and here are a couple of the highlights.

25661 Canal Rocks Yallingup

25662Beedelup Falls Pemberton: a place close to the heart of my Giant and I.

20 Minutes learning.

Yet more self discovery this weekend. Watching Jamtart as her cattleman got married was wonderful. Two young people for whom life has already been a grand adventure.

We may all be separated by miles but the feelings we experience when we all come together are priceless.

When I think of the journey Mum and Dad took, to bring 4 small children half way around the world to a place where we knew no one, I realise that the adventurous spirit was fostered in all of us from that very moment. In turn as Fluffy, Jamtart, the bikerider and I have had our own children we have past on to them the adventurers spirit.

There is nothing more valuable than being connected to family both near and far. Technology has enabled us all to reconnect with those who are thousands of kilometres away and bring them into our everyday as if they are just around the corner. What a gift to live in this time and space. Although the art of letter writing is going out the window – or maybe it is just turning into blog writing and is not lost at all.

20 minutes planning.

Well this has been hilarious as Shell and I have planned and plotted the places that had to be visited. With one of those big folding maps in the front of the car, windows down, wind factor & 7!!! we still managed to get where we wanted to go. There were times we were traversing back and forth between two of the major roads to ensure that we got all the stops we needed to do.


Gratefully the last stop was at the Lavender & Berry Farm. I walked in and looked at the menu and thought well it will be a drink only for gluten free me!! Much to my surprise they make gluten free blueberry muffins and YES I had one. It was delicious and a fitting end to a taste testing afternoon.

So over two days of travelling, thanks to careful planning, we have tried several types of sheep cheese (amazing especially the one rolled in ash), Olive oil and its associated products (one of Shell’s favourites), Venison – salami, pastrami, sausage along with Emu and Kangaroo salami, all kinds of scented soaps oils and herb remedies, hand made fudge, scones (Shell) GF muffin (Me).

All of this achieved on the way to the wedding or on the return trip. Not to mention the visit to markets, glass painters, National parks and beaches to break it up!!

What a Weekend…. Now I need a rest.

Peace and light Ali xxx


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