Back in Paradise, innovating and being challenged 26/66

What a Joy to be back in my favourite corner of the world (well at least for now!) There was something wonderful about waking up in my own bed and hearing the familiar sounds of birdsong before the alarm had even sounded. There was mist in the valley when I got up and the air was calling me to the sea.

20 Minutes exercise.

As Riley does not return until later today I was a lone walker this morning. Shell was still fast asleep as I headed out of the door to reconnect my soul with the ocean. The thought that I would be able to once again feel the sand beneath my feet and to stand in the ebb and flow of the sea was almost drug like. I felt a rush of euphoria as I came over the crest in the road and the beach came into view.


The early morning light takes my breath away and I am amazed at how no two days look or feel the same. After a huge moon the last couple of nights the tide was out and the ocean calm. A patchy bank of cloud diffusing the early morning light in beautiful ways.


I past the two old timers, who were on their way back to the car park, just as I reached the second rock shelf. We exchanged pleasantries and then carried on in our separate directions. They have walked the same beach everyday for the last 15 years, bar the odd day of illness. What a wonderful way to start every day. The light on the water was spectacular and I felt my heart become syncopated with the sea. I collected a few beach dollars on my way and secreted them in my pocket for later.


As always the third rock shelf signalled it was time to turn around. I was soon retracing my footsteps in the soft wet sand.  On reaching the car park I completed my stretches before setting out on the journey back home..

By the time I reached home Shell was up and breakfast was the discussion of the morning. It was at this point that we decided to become innovators!

20 minutes learning.


So this morning, with Shell assisting, we tweeked my favourite breakfast recipe.

1/2 red apple diced with skin on (Pink lady)

handful of Silvanian berries (looked like mulberries)

couple of spoons of shredded coconut

couple of spoons of mixed smashed nuts (almonds, walnuts and pine nuts)

couple of spoons of cinnamon

1/2 cup coconut milk/cream

1 cup of steamed brown rice and chia (hot)

Combine all ingredients and serve straight away….. Delicious!! and healthy and did I say DELICIOUS

20 minutes planning/goal setting/ dreaming


Today has been a bit of an all over the shop day as far as planning goes. I seem to have lost my rhythm with all the goings on of the last two weeks. So it is time to make a choice as to how I proceed from this point forward.

Time and space are dynamic and I am now trying to think outside of yet another box that has been constraining me. So it is with that in mind that I am choosing to start tomorrow with a new resolve to complete the task at hand.

I am a creature of habit so for me I need to shape this new habit in a way that has flexibility for the interruptions that happen in family life. Tomorrow is a new day. A new start. A new choice…. IT IS ALL UP TO ME!!!

Peace and light Ali xxx


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