Grey skys and stormy seas delivering up beauty 27/66

Rain fell softly last night only 1mm in the gauge though as when the wind blows here the rain tends to be horizontal!! I woke to very dark grey sky with a chill in the air.. Jacket??

Max 19Shower or two.

South Coastal area

Cloudy. Medium (40%) chance of showers. Winds south westerly 25 to 35 km/h turning southerly in the middle of the day. Daytime maximum temperatures between 18 and 21.

20 Minutes exercise.

Yes I took my rain jacket to the beach this morning.. As did Shell. We still wore shorts as that is the only practical thing to wear. The ocean was like a washing machine with too much detergent. White wash everywhere and not a surfer in sight. I am guessing they are still tucked up in bed!!

The tumultuous sea had washed up lots of a certain type of shell.. They were strewn everywhere and ranged from the size of a pin head to 3cm in diameter. It was as if some shell fairy had dusted the beach with them. They were rolling around in the strong breeze it was just lovely.


Riley, who is home again from puppy holiday, ran around like crazy. It was obvious he was happy to be back on the beach again.


Today we walked behind the rock wall on the second shelf as the ocean was hitting the front and it was too treacherous to wade in the wash. The back of the rocks have been eroded over time by the combination of the wind, sand and water leaving some very interesting shapes.


Protected from the wind and the wash this was a moment of quiet and stillness. The ocean, at high tide, forces the water between the rock causing the temporary waterfalls to come to life. There was evidence that this had been the case during the night.


Single strands of seaweed lay on the beach like frozen works of art. I love the beauty in nature and the way that the water leaves behind these gems.


As always it was too soon time to turn for home and to make our way back for breakfast. Another walk complete my head clear and raring to go!!

20 Minutes Learning.

Fingertips burning from the pressure of the steel strings after a really good session of guitar practise. It is starting to feel less alien and starting to sound more musical. Shell commented that she recognised the Ode to Joy piece “that is something churchy?”  so I must be doing something right.  Even a couple of chords sounded ok today… Watch out John Butler I will be on your tail soon… Well a girl can dream can’t she??


20 minutes planning/ researching

Making peace with my plate and what I am eating is an ongoing process. So this morning I spent my twenty minutes reading more of Jess Ainscough’s book.  I am surprised everyday by what I read and the discovery that many of the changes I have made are based on real research and information. These things are often the changes I have made based on how they made me feel. It is becoming more clear to me that listening to our bodies is a really important part of living a healthy life.

I have never been big on red meat and have been gluten free for over a decade due to an inability to tolerate it in my diet. So it would seem that the last 15-20 years I have been gradually heading toward this point in time where I am actively seeking to live healthier, rest and relax, focus on moving in a positive direction. It is a fascinating journey looking out through my eyes at where the world is taking me next.

Peace and Light Ali xxx


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