Scott of the Antarctic, Spock and Santa 28/66

Scott of the Antarctic would have been proud this morning, according to one of the old timers on the beach. After a very chilly night (had the fire alight and roaring!!) I donned my rain jacket, woolly scarf, hat and shorts and thongs and headed out for my walk.


20 Minutes exercise

As we descended to the beach a space appeared in the cloud ahead and a beam, yes a beam, of light shot down from the sky reflecting in the water in front of me. I was glad for the distraction as my bare feet were feeling like ice blocks until I got them in the ocean.

The old timers were quite puzzled this morning… ‘A cool change in December is one thing but this is very peculiar I feel like Scott of the Antarctic” he said looking quite concerned.   ‘The weather is changing’ remarked the other shaking his head.  ‘Not seen it like this before’ replied the other. It would seem that they, who have been walking this beach forever, are truly shaken by this strange weather pattern… Not sure quite what to make of that.

28662 28665

Riley and I continued on ever wondering if the Enterprise was hovering above the clouds in wait. Was I about to have some kind of Vulcan interchange?? Apparently not!  Beach walkers of both the human and canine kind were obviously not on todays collection list.

As quickly as it had appeared it disappeared only confirming my suspicions that I was not being beamed up after all.

The bitter nature of the wind still did not dissuade me from my task at hand and we continued on with our walk.

On the return trip I happened to glance back at the grey sky in the hope that I might catch a glimpse of the Enterprise!

28664 28663

Yet another window in the grey had opened up and another beam of light was now touching the ocean. It might have been cold out this morning but so glad I didn’t miss this display of nature.

20 Minutes Learning.

Wow well I played my guitar along with the CD this morning and was amazed at the difference from the last time I tried. It is really exciting to be able to say I am actually learning this all by myself. When I started with the book and the guitar I was a little frightened that I would do a massive crash and burn. Little did I realise what a massive challenge it actually is to try this kind of learning.

Today I am feeling good about this challenge and know that it is all about that 20 minutes a day of practise. Some days I have done more than 20 minutes as it is starting to be a joyful, although often aurally challenging, activity. I actually am convinced it is the degree of difficulty I feel with the task that keeps me at it….  Time to add another 8 bar tune to the repertoire!!

20 Minutes Planning.

With Christmas only 15 days away I spent my planning time this morning creating lists of things to be done.


There is mail to be sent, notes to be written, things to be bought and wrapped. I absolutely love this time of year.

For me it is all about the family connections we have and the people we love and letting them know that we love them.

Bells are hung, tinsel in place and a little bit of Christmas music is emanating from the other room… Life is wonderful even if a little bit of Jack Frost was on the beach this morning. Santa isn’t far away.

Time to get to those things on the list.

Have a great day.  Peace and goodwill to all… Ali xxx


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