Softly softly feel the rain. 29/66

Waking in the clouds is a beautiful if somewhat surreal experience. 5am saw the departure for the beach shrouded in the damp folds of this fluffy environment.


20 Minutes exercise.

When you beat the old timers to the beach you know you have gotten up a tad earlier than usual. The car park was desolate, Riley and I were out of the vehicle and considering our options before the first old timer appeared.

We headed out onto the beach in air that was considerably warmer than the last few days. It was mystical walking in this ethereal space with the ocean lapping at our feet.

29662 29661

We talked about life and death and suicide… Interesting content at 5am! He was philosophical about the choices people make and the damage they do to those that are left behind. All learning experiences he said… He then decided to turn for home and Riley and I continued on.

29667 29668

Riley led the way to the third rock shelf then turned for home. He knows the routine and is happy to guide me..

By the time we returned to the car park the rain was setting in. Doing my push ups and stretches on the viewing platform the soft rain was running down my face. I felt at peace and breathed deeply feeling grateful for the experience.

By the time we had got into the car the heavens had opened up and it was coming down heavily.

29664 29665 29666

20 minutes learning.

Notes A and G are now on my radar with my guitar learning. I have started practising the next set of pieces that incorporate these notes. Once again I feel like I am all fingers and thumbs with no knowledge of what I am doing. The difference is that now I recognise this as the turmoil caused by learning new notes. Nothing less, nothing more. I also know it will subside as my dexterity improves.

Rocking Robin is the current challenge and 8 bars of surf rock!!  Who knows, next time I write I could be down the surf beach, guitar in hand playing up my mojo.

20 minutes planning/ reading

Herbie Hancock is an interesting man. My reading time today was spent reading about his early Jazz experiences in New York. He talked a lot about allowing himself to be rhythmically free. Having been taught in a really structured logical fashion he found it hard to improvise or be inclusive of other peoples styles. When he finally found his own way to cut loose it took him on an amazing journey of discovery both musically and personally.

We all have parallel struggles in our lives. I have lived my life in such a constrained manner that I now find it difficult to let go of the old and grasp the new. Step by step in the tiniest of increments I am moving toward freedom. Not the 1960’s peace and love style of freedom, more of the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and artistic freedom that I felt I had lost over the years.

And the rain keeps falling.

Freedom is a very personal term that has a million meanings depending on where you are in life’s journey. Embrace the challenge and set your self free.

With love and light Ali xxx


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