Sunrise, blue sky, breathing deeply….30/66

What an absolute gift this morning to wake up early and to head out before the alarm. The sky was clear and the morning felt amazing. Arriving as the sun was peeking out from behind the cliffs was a gift most humbling.


20 Minutes exercise.

No hat or jacket today as the sky was void of clouds and the air was fresh and light against my skin. Riley was so excited to be out on the beach running in the warm light. The waves were fabulous and every few there was a huge blue curling wave that rolled toward the shore.


No rock shelf walking today as the tidal surge was hitting the rock wall about waist deep!! So today it was about climbing up on the rocks and moving from beach to beach over the rocky outcrops.


Luckily my favourite bear was leading the way so all was well. Not a soul in sight as we had passed the old timer just as we arrived on the beach. It felt like I was recharging every step of the way.

Riley played and seemed to be feeling the same energy as I did.


As the sun reached over and illuminated the rocks in the beach it was as if a different shade of beauty showed itself.


I found myself lingering and soaking it all in. Watching the sun bounce off of the waves was hypnotising.


All too soon it was time to head home for breakfast.

20 Minutes learning.

Rocking robin is the new 8 bar piece that I am learning on my guitar and today you could almost recognise it ( with a little musical licence!!) I am finding the 20 minutes races by and that I am now reaching for my guitar in the evenings rather than turning on the TV. Great for me, hope the Giant appreciates it on his return. 🙂

20 Minutes planning

It is all about the return of the Giant today.  He should arrive just after lunch and as he has been gone for almost three weeks there was much I wanted to get done in preparation for his arrival.

It is funny that even after all these years I want things to be just so when he gets here. Hopefully tomorrow morning he will join me on the beach and we can start our day off with the same joy that mine started today. He will be here for Christmas and New Year which will be a first as in the last 11 years he has been home for three Christmas celebrations and a couple of New Years but never in the same holiday season.  It will also be the first one where none of the kids are in the same state as us so it will just be the two of us…

Hoping all your days started as beautifully as mine.

Light love and happiness Ali xxx


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