The return of the Giant, rock art and theories on everything 31/66

I no longer need an alarm clock as I have a dog that seems to have decided that 4:30am is the perfect time to be getting up. This is not a problem as I am often awake then anyway however, the Giant was not so happy about being woken by this new alarm system. Having returned yesterday from the middle of nowhere the Giant has made the decision to follow my crazy lead and will be walking the beach every morning just after 5am… Miracles do happen!!

20 Minutes exercise.


Blue skies of yesterday have departed and the grey overcoat of cloud has returned. Not that this is a bad thing as it means that the shards of light that penetrate this grey cotton wool create some beautiful sights.


Don’t let the serene nature of this shot fool you… It was still unsafe to walk this rock shelf due to the huge waves that were rolling in at the end of each set.  Riley however decided he could race out there and back again before the water came crashing to shore.

31663 3166531666

For some reason today was a day for rock views.. Scrambling over the top to get to the next beach I made some discoveries. There are all kinds of amazing creatures and shapes that have been shaped by the sea, sand and wind eroding the limestone. The dramatic sky made the perfect backdrop for natures art. The Giant and I spent ages searching for these amazing little creations before heading back toward the car park.


Ocean movement is quite stunning one minute I am knee deep in washing machine ocean the next it is sucked back out to shape the next set of waves. I am realising that the advice of the Old Timer ‘Don’t trust the ocean she will catch you unawares’ was indeed very good advice.

There is a final stretch of beach before the ascent to the car park and the sun had poked through warming my back. It was then that I saw the last gift of the morning. Right before me, as the water receded was the reflection of a patch of blue sky..

Magic… 31664

20 Minutes learning.

‘Wow you got that right then’ the Giant exclaimed as I sat to practice my guitar this morning… Stretched out on the couch opposite me he was, well dare I say, impressed with the progress I had made since he was last here.

The feedback was short lived as very soon my musical magic was interrupted by the sounds of the beast within snoring!! Lullaby playing and I didn’t even realise… This is what happens when you walk a Giant then feed him breakfast.  Of course it is time to snooze!  Not for this avid walker, it is time to get up and get on with the day.

20 Minutes planning goal setting.

Giants see the world a little different to us ordinary folk.. Discussing anything with the Giant always leads to lots of options that you may not have first considered (or ever considered!!). I am always amazed at how different the world looks through his lens to mine.

Theories are the Giants specialty as he has a theory on everything… Not your run of the mill social policy, political, theological, financial or anything else theories, Oh NO, he has his own completely Giant logical theories. The only documented theory he espouses to is Chaos theory and that pretty much says it all.

Well time to get on with the day…  Love and Light Ali xxx


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