Its all about the small things… 32/66


Tiny bits of ocean debris were being illuminated by the strong rays of the early morning sun as we headed out on to the beach this morning and it made me think about the small things in life.

20 Minutes exercise.

The huge clouds were rolling in toward the beach giving a tiny window of bright light before they smudged the view with shadow. My eye was immediately drawn to the various bits and pieces that the tide had washed up in the night. There is a sacredness to what you see on the beach when no footprints are yet laid down. I feel as if they are all gifts that have been laid out especially for me. They capture my heart and my imagination with their beauty and fragility.

32668 32666 31669

Not unlike those precious parts of our lives that we hold, in our hearts with gentleness, scared that if we expose them to the world they will be crushed or discarded. I love the symmetry I find between what I feel and what I see lain out before me.


Erosion over time has turned some of the huge boulders into creatures with gapping mouths and tiny eyes. Nature has an artistry all of its own that you can not replicate.


As I stood out on the rock shelf the cloud swept in and the dynamic of what lay before me changed. The Giant, who once again had made it to the beach, took my photo in this somewhat eerie moment.

I felt small today as I walked and the ocean gushed around me. Not a sad small but a kind of, my place in the universe, small. We searched for our various chosen treasures, finding few. Then that is what makes it treasure after all. The quiet between us is beautiful in its simplicity as we walk and look and soak it all in.

Climbing the rocks to avoid being swept out to sea gives a totally different perspective on the last rock shelf. Yet another gift given if one but recognises the danger and takes evasive action. I am constantly amazed how we can walk the same place each day and find new treasurers and see new sights.

32662  32661

Feeling very blessed in this small moment.

20 Minutes learning.

Equilateral triangle the area of?
That was the question the Giant put to me this morning. As part of an art piece he is working on this was the most logical thing to ask me. Apparently, I am  the gypsy who knows everything!!!  ‘Apparently not!’ I reply with a giggle.
Been quite a while since someone asked me a question of that nature. With little research I was on to it. This lead to a discussion of the dynamics of his design. We talked about how the design felt and the emotions it emanated. It has been a while since we had this type of discussion and it felt good to be throwing around ideas about texture and depth of field.
The sound of the pounding of copper on the anvil leads me to believe that a new piece is in its genesis phase and that is both exciting and inspiring.
20 Minutes planning/reading
Researching for anything is a bit challenging. All those tangents that you can go off on. I started researching something for myself today and ended up looking at Thai tattoos done with bamboo! Not  that I am wanting one it was just an offshoot of an idea in my head. So today was one of those researching sessions that you enjoy  and right off at the same time as being a spell of whimsy.
Till tomorrow.. Peace and light Ali xxx

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