Up early and loving it. 34/66


Sunrise captured on our extra early arrival at the beach this morning… A wonderful moment.

20 Minutes of exercise.

No rain today just a tiny bit of mist as we headed to the beach. The sun was just peeping through the gap between the ground and the clouds.  The water was warm in comparison to the dry sand that felt like freshly fallen snow.

34663  34662

Riley and the Giant were in their element checking the waterline for treasure and getting a little bit wet.

34666  34665

I am still in awe of the remnants the ocean sends forth and the beauty of both their form and flow.

34668  34667

Yet again no opportunity to walk on the rock shelf as the tidal surge was quite tumultuous. The Giant, who is far braver than me, attempted the last rock shelf on the return trip. When the water hit him just below waist high he looked really awake. As warm as the water is there are certain parts of the body that are unprepared for being plunged into the sea at 5am.

20 Minutes learning.


It felt good to pick up my guitar this morning as my routine was back on track. I rattled through a couple of pieces and then attempted Aura Lee…. I had no idea how this was supposed to sound and even when I checked my notes were correct I did not recognise anything…

Note to self: If you do not know the tune google it first!! That will be what I do before the end of today so that tomorrow I have a vague idea of if I am on the right track…

Ode to Joy is finally sounding the way it should (in my humble opinion) so I am feeling that all things are possible eventually!!

20 Minutes Planning/ goal setting/ reading

Today was a reading day for articles on things that interest me.

  • Ruby Diamonde: Tears in the forest. All about trekking in Central African Republic to see some of the last forest elephants and gorillas in their natural habitat.  Made me want to go there.
  • Tom Lawson: Organised acts of Kindness. A project called Rolling Jubilee about  a group that pay off American students loans. People helping people via organised acts of kindness and solidarity, inspiring other innovative ways to build a more just and compassionate society.
  • Hannah Martin: Tarpaulin Revolution. Insight into the Occupy Democracy group who held a space in London’s Parliament Square for nine day. The criminalisation of a Peaceful debate.

All todays articles came from the December Issue of New Internationalist…

Time to get on with the day..  Love and light Ali xxx


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