Silence, sunrise, dolphins in the crest of a wave 35/66


There is a certain kind of silence at the beach at sunrise that has the capacity to silence drama, stress, demons and all other emotional creatures in the mind. It is as if the salt air is capable of cleansing not only the body but the mind as well. At the end of my walk I know that I am calm and ready to start the day. For that I am grateful.

20 Minutes exercise.

35661  35662

Two days in a row we have witnessed the orange glow of the sunrise in the space between the ocean and the blanket of clouds that is ever rolling in.


Walking toward the light listening to the sounds of the waves and tasting the salt in the air has magical powers. It is as if the world has gone away and all the cares of the day are left in the car park.  Stillness is a gift and it is one that the Giant and I have started sharing on these morning sojourns.

Then today something extraordinary happened. Facing the ocean you could see through the forming waves before the broke and came crashing to shore. to our amazement a pod of dolphins were chasing fish in the waves and leaping into the air as the waves crashed. NO, there are no photos as it was so mesmerising that we just stood and watched in silence.. A gift.


Turbulent seas deposit all kinds of things in the rock pools. This one was above the tideline and had drained leaving a collection in place.

As I wandered behind the rock wall, the shelf is still to dangerous to venture out onto, I took notice of the crevices and thought that they must all have amazing stories to tell.


Feet in the ocean is my favourite way to walk. On the return trip to the car park I was walking along a section where the water would rise to knee deep and then recede away fast. As I looked down I realised that I had been decorated with floral art from the sea.


As I turned back to look down the beach the orange light had disappeared and was now hidden by the bank of dark cloud that had rolled in. Still beautiful, still calming, Still my favourite place to be……


20 Minutes learning

The Giant smiled at me this morning while I worked on my guitar. I am taking that as a tick of approval and am guessing that I am improving.  Today I attempted the Surf Rock piece with yet again no idea how it was supposed to sound! It wasn’t until I had built up a bit of a rhythm that I realised what we were aiming for…. Well at least I think I know. Never can be sure.

20 Minutes Reading.


Herbie Hancock, in his book Possibilities, talks about letting go of conventions when you are being creative. This is something that comes to me sporadically. When I creating a character and I allow myself to become immersed in their world the words flow. Sometimes they come at me at such a pace that I am overwhelmed and become fearful of catching them all before they disappear. Other times I struggle with the conventions of structure and language and wonder if I am kidding myself with the dream to write.

Each time I reach a place of doubt the writing stops for a while. There have been periods of years where I have abandoned writing in any form as a creative pursuit. Now I feel more at ease with it and if it flows I let it and do the best I can to capture what is flowing.

Reading about someone who focused on what they wanted to do and then pursued it relentlessly is quite something. All things being equal I feel this is the time for me to work towards those goals.

Learning, living, loving and sending light and hugs. Ali xxx


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