Mac vrs the laptop… Help 36/66


What a joy to get to the beach this morning and discover blue skies… Makes you realise Summer is actually here. Todays plan is to be short and sweet 🙂

20 Minutes exercise.

36665  36663

Beauty and blue sky walking with the Giant and Riley. Soaking in the air, doing our exercise and enjoying being with each other.


There is something amazing about the patterns left in the sand when the tide goes out. Gives you a real sense of movement. Love it.

20 Minutes learning.

Let me just say to you uploading photo files…. 500+ of them…. From my Canon camera to a computer….

Sounds simple I know….  Ha Ha… she laughs ironically!!!

Card out of camera into laptop…. I go to view the shots can see 6!!!!   have mild heart attack as these are from two family weddings!!

Apparently I need a special program to even view them as they are raw data?!?!

Freaking out on the inside…..

The Giant (who is an apple Mac man) says “No problem babe the Mac can read anything”

I look at him with a rather harsh look then decide its worth a try as nothing is happening in laptop world.

Amazing!   Mac allows me to save and view all files… What is this!

“See babe I told you it would be ok”  the Giant comforts me gently.  I never thought I would say this but maybe I need a Mac!!

20 Minutes Planning.

Turned into a whole day of planning organising preparing and trying to remember to eat and drink…

It is that time of year when tourists rock into town and life gets just a little crazy..

So am holding onto my Christmas hat and jumping in.

Jingle Bells people its almost here… Ali xxx


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