The light the tide the surf and gratitude. 37/66


Hello morning you are calling my name again… No clouds in this sky today!!!

20 minutes exercise.

Almost two hours after we arrived at the beach we returned to the car park. A number of factors contributed to this long luxurious stay today.

1.  The light: how could you not linger when such beautiful light was streaming in uninterrupted with no breeze.


2. The tide: all rock ledges were accessible today as the tide was partially out.. Tucked under one of the ledges was an amazing octopus!  Just waiting for an unsuspecting edible to go past. With tentacles that were at least 60cm in length it was quite impressive to watch. Not too closely though as I would have kept it fed for quite a while.

37660 37668 37669

3 Surf: The waves were beautiful and the surfers started arriving with us this morning. Five to five and a friend was there with his offsider and their boards. they head out down the beach to where there is a break in the rock shelf and then allow the rip tide to carry them out to the back of the break. By the time we headed back to the car park there were about 20 of them out there waiting… Waiting for the perfect wave… One thing about surfers is they are really patient….

37664 37666

20 minutes learning.

Gratitude: I have so much to be grateful for,:

  • the Giant in my life, the children and grandchildren and dreams of great grandchildren in the next 20 years
  • EVERYTHING THAT HAS LEAD TO THIS MOMENT this time and this place.
  • the good the bad and the ugly that life has thrown at me and all the lessons it has taught me

But what do others say??.

What Is Gratitude?

Robert Emmons, perhaps the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, argues that gratitude has two key components, which he describes in a Greater Good essay, “Why Gratitude Is Good.”

“First,” he writes, “it’s an affirmation of goodness. We affirm that there are good things in the world, gifts and benefits we’ve received.”

In the second part of gratitude, he explains, “we recognize that the sources of this goodness are outside of ourselves. … We acknowledge that other people—or even higher powers, if you’re of a spiritual mindset—gave us many gifts, big and small, to help us achieve the goodness in our lives.”

Emmons and other researchers see the social dimension as being especially important to gratitude. “I see it as a relationship-strengthening emotion,“ writes Emmons, “because it requires us to see how we’ve been supported and affirmed by other people.”

Because gratitude encourages us not only to appreciate gifts but to repay them (or pay them forward), the sociologist Georg Simmel called it “the moral memory of mankind.”

Why Practice Gratitude?

Over the past decade, hundreds of studies have documented the social, physical, and psychological benefits of gratitude. The research suggests these benefits are available to most anyone who practices gratitude, even in the midst of adversity, such as elderly people confronting death, women with breast cancer, and people coping with a chronic muscular disease. Here are some of the top research-based reasons for practicing gratitude.

20 minutes planning/reading/goal setting

All about the linen!!!!!

When you have guests coming out of your ears and they are coming and going at a rate of knots it is all about the linen. The end!


heck the halls with boughs of Holly because I am tralalalala lala lala… lol  Ali xxx


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