Wow here we are 40 days of challenge and I am still on track…. Just! 40/66

I cant believe that I have been doing this challenge now for 40 days. When I started I read about how it would be easy in the beginning and it was.. I was raring to go and excited about getting up at 5am everyday.

Somewhere around day 35 it started to feel more difficult. I am not sure why or what causes that but according to my reading it is normal to struggle in the middle.. I was still getting up at 5am but I felt like I was fighting myself.

Then I remembered that it would get easier (so the instructions said!) as I moved forward. Today it felt easier even though several things cropped up that were frustrating and infuriating. I just keep plodding on!!!

402 403394

20 Minutes exercise. 

Since the Giant came home we have been getting up at 4:30am… Why you ask? Well the truth of it is that Giants take a while to get going. I am one of those people who when my eyes open I am up and on.  Giants like to ease into the day a little.

That first cup of coffee is apparently crucial, as is my glass of H2O, ‘Not the same thing babe’  says the Giant with a look that made me laugh…

The tide was way way way out this morning and the rock ledge was calm and interesting as always. We are now becoming really good at spotting the octopi and have moved on to other explorations.


When the tide is that far out you get to see what lie in the bottom of the rock pools. They are collection points for some amazing treasure.  We come home laden with various treasures that we laugh about and share on the walk back.

406 407

Then there are the pools way up in the rock ledge where the flow of water is coming from below. The water rises and falls without any sign of a wave in close proximity. It is amazing how beautiful they are and how the plants dance with the ebb and flow of the water.

As we head back to the car park we talk about the seaweed and the intricate nature of each piece as it washes up the beach. Todays art will be dried out and blown across the beach so that tomorrow they will but be memories of the beauty they share today.

405 404

20 Minutes learning.

The last few days I have learnt things about my Giant that I never knew. Deep things that he shared from within his warm warm heart.

Even though the Giant went to school with one of my siblings we did not really get to know each other until we were wild and young and being social animals. Friendship was created some 34 years ago as we moved in similar circles. The last 25 years we have been a team and yet I am constantly amazed at how there are things about him I do not know.  What a gift to be ever learning about each other.

20 planning/ reading.

Today’s reading was all about catching up on what is going on in the lives of family near and far. How quickly time flies when you are reading about their achievements, comedies, dramas, losses and loves.

I am grateful to live in this age of connectivity as it enables the distance of half a world away to be bridged by our virtual connections.  Sometimes it is just not possible to hop on a plane and actually visit so the opportunity to connect across the miles is a huge gift.

Well time to hop on the sleigh and dash off…  Love and light Ali xxx


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