Giant Challenge, contrast, shape and form,brought to you by the letter g 41/66

The Giant finds it somewhat amusing that I like to complete challenges… It has been a point of discussion regularly over the last 41 days. This morning as we walked onto the beach he issued a challenge of his own.

Your challenge today babe is to take a photo of:

  • Contrast
  • shape and form
  • all brought to you by the letter g

I felt like I was in an episode of sesame street and we both laughed… Little did he realise that this mission was now accepted!!

20 Minutes exercise.

Yes the sky is still cloudy and yes it was only 12C on the beach this morning and windy so the beanie and the jacket were in place along with the shorts and the thongs!


As we do everyday we headed out onto the long beach and then started working our way down the rock ledges.

We got to the triangular pool,that has been home all week to one of the octopi and discovered that he was nowhere to be seen. I was on a mission so I kept moving into the wind toward the next ledge.

I realised that the Giant was no longer beside me. Turning I asked if he was ok?

‘Didn’t you hear me scream’ said the Giant with his hand on his heart and a look of terror (well at least shock) on his face.

No I replied.. He shook his head.

Apparently the little creature with the two foot tentacles had been laying in wait and snuck up behind the Giant and grabbed him on the foot. ( Or as he might tell it…. A giant octopus nearly dragged me into the ocean and you didn’t even hear me scream)  lol

417 the culprit!!!

Once he had regained his composure we continued on our way and were again surprised at how few crabs we saw… it would seem the culprit and his offsiders are eating their way through our rock ledge!!


I am constantly amazed at how the same stretch of beach can look different every day.


As always we were soon headed back to the car park.. At this point I announced I had completed the challenge…

The Giant looked puzzled so I showed him my photos

419 Shape and form

410 Contrast

418 The letter g!!

The Giant shook his head, called me a crazy woman and laughed…. Mission accomplished!!

20 minutes learning.

Carlos Santana would be proud… hopefully… as I am getting on with my practise and am now learning the notes on the fourth string of my guitar.

Melodic sounds (well a little less scratchy ones) are emanating from my instrument on a semi regular basis and I am glad that I have taken the time to persist with it.

Who knows what tomorrow holds… musically something wonderful is my wish.

20 minutes reading

The amazing Fringe festival is on in Perth from Jan 23- Feb 22 2015 and the catalogue of events came in the mail today.

So I have spent my 20 minutes looking at all the amazing events that will be occurring. This year I will not be attending as the 5 hr drive is not something I can do at that time of year and get back in time for work the next day!

Sometimes we forget how important art and performance are. I find that music makes my heart sing (almost any music from tribal to dance to orchestral to name but a few). I can be moved by dance and theatre, and comedy can make me laugh until I cry.

Fringe offers a little bit of something for everyone.

Anyway tis the season to be jolly   Peace and light Ali xxx



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