Blue sky on this Christmas Eve… 42/66

Unbelievable golden light streaming across the beach at sunrise this morning with hardly a cloud in the sky.. What a fabulous start to Christmas Eve.

420 The Giant taking in the view..

421 422

20 minutes exercise

I have loved walking in the morning with the strange cloud and the interesting way the light plays with the gaps in the cloud yet this morning my heart leapt for joy at the absolute beauty of this fabulous sunrise.

Walking takes on a different feel when the day is glowing from the onset.

The tide had been massive in the night and so there was very little of anything on the sand. Some of the large piles of seaweed from the last few days had been swept back out to sea. It was like we were the first to walk the beach (well accept for the footprints of the old timer who was on his return trip!!)

No Octopi to see today as the tidal surge was hitting the rock wall at about waist deep so it was time to climb over the top to get to the next beach.


Riley was in his element and was keen to get into some of the deeper pools for a swim.

I love that when the alarm goes off in the morning he is at the door, tail wagging, waiting to go!! It is amazing how important he is to my every day.

The waves and the sky look so different when the cloud is gone. There is nothing quite like that blue.


20 Minutes learning.

Goodness I even got a little bit of applause from the Giant this morning when I played my practise pieces.

That is high praise coming from someone who has now sat through a lots of wrong notes!!!

We both laughed as sure enough the next one I played tripped me up about 3 bars in… Still I love that we get to share this journey together.

20 Minutes reading/ listening.

Music is such a part of who I am. I love to sing, never going to be a soloist but that doesn’t matter. There is joy in singing and at this time of the year. I have always loved carols and anything Christmasy.

Today I spent my time listening to Pentatonix beautiful, harmonically diverse, makes my heart soar. if you are feeling a little low just google them up they are sure to make you smile.

Well Santa Claus is on his way to town.  Jingle jingle.  Peace and light. Ali xx


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