Christmas Day and life is very good.. Treasure on the beach. 43/66


Merry Christmas to all and sundry on this wonderful day with my heart full of gratitude… The Giant and I are on our own this Christmas as all our loved ones are miles away.  However, I am grateful for the modern technology that allows us to connect to them all on this precious morning. I am also grateful for the opportunity to spend only the third Christmas with the Giant in the last 11 years as he has been working away for the rest. I am also grateful to have him all to myself.. These gifts are enough to make my Christmas perfect.


20 minutes exercise.

Surfers are a breed unto themselves and as such they have rituals all of their own. This morning the forward scout party were on the ridge with binoculars searching the sunrise ocean for that perfect wave. Dedication takes on a whole new meaning when you talk to these guys.

Well I was hoping that Santa had left us a gift on the beach this morning and we were not disappointed. As we made our way down the path there appeared to be something sitting on the beach??

438 437

As some of you may be aware, the Giant is AKA the Pirate! What more fitting gift from Santa and the sea is there than a treasure chest with barnacles. It had washed up in the night on the tide and was laying there just waiting for us. The barnacles had their feathery tendrils out feeling the air.

Now I know you are wondering what was inside?   That will be our secret as the mere presence of it on the beach was gift enough to share. The Giant, AKA the Pirate, put a large piece of kelp in the chest as an offering of thanks and we moved on leaving it behind us. Maybe some young Pirate in training would get just as much of a rush out of it as this old sea dog…


The tidal surge was intermittent today and so the Giant and Riley headed out onto the rock ledge to see if there was any sign of the Octopi… It would seem they have moved on to the next crab outpost so we felt hugely grateful that we had the chance to see them in action. Who would have thought that the beach at 5am would deliver up so many things to be grateful for.

434 431

It was 12C when we got to the beach but by the time we were heading back to the car park the sun was burning off the cloud and the water was now looking blue.  Ocean blue feels like the wrapping paper on this wonderful Christmas.

433 432

The ocean washing over the rocks this morning illuminated another special feature of this spectacular place and that is the evidence of some geological tempest that has left veins of quartz threaded through the granite boulders. Beautiful.

20 minutes learning.

I ventured outside this morning with my guitar. Sitting in the sunshine Riley at my feet I played my pieces. There was something magical about being out in the garden, small birds dancing on the lawn, breeze gently blowing. The Giant got a harmonica for Christmas so he added some accompaniment to my rudimentary tunes.  Grateful for music and all that it brings to our lives.

Maybe the future will bring a duet… so stay posted.

20 Minutes reading.

Go girl got another 20 minutes today…. Story is getting pretty twisted now.  Missing wife, clues, strange families… I could feel a change in the writing coming and was disappointed it turned out to be a mistress… So predictable… well I will finish the book. Just was hoping for something a little more original. Think I will be going back to Charles De Lint after this as that is far more my style..

Eat drink and be merry but not too much as tomorrow is another day… Love and Light on this Christmas day. Ali xxx


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