Here come the hordes… 44/66

And so it begins the onslaught of tourists having their getaway before they go back to work… Today marks the beginning of busy that will extend until the third weekend in April 2015. I am prepared and am ready to go.


20 minutes exercise.

It was just Riley and I on the beach this morning. The Giant was sleeping off the Christmas festivities and looked so peaceful. He woke just long enough to let me know he would be having the day off and then drifted back into his bear like hibernation.

The air was cold and only about 11C as we made our way down the beach. The treasure chest from yesterday was either stolen by rival pirates or washed back out to sea on the big tide during the night. There were no signs of battle on the beach, no discarded swords or injured pirates so my money is on the tide!


The blue sky and the cold air gave me a reason to pick up the pace so Riley and I were on our way back a lot quicker than usual.. Poor puppy looked at me as if I had lost my mind and I am sure would have been happy to hang about a bit.


I took one more look from the top of the ridge as we made our way back to the car park. There were about 15 surfers on the ridge today in deep discussion. Binoculars pointed at  a beach down the coast… Think they might be rounding up the troops and heading out to the other beach this morning.


Water blue, Sky blue, fingers blue…. cold air and all!!!

20 minutes learning.

Spent 20 minutes today learning all about the new layout for our development here at the workplace. Need to have it clear in my head for all the questions that will be asked by visitors and serious buyers alike.

It will be an interesting year to come.

20 minutes reading/ planning

Today planning was all about the beginning of this silly season of tourists. Working out how many staff I need and what days they are needed took some time. Still being prepared makes all the difference and I am hoping that I have everything in place for it to run smoothly. If not I will just send the Giant/Pirate out there to sort them all out… Joking…. Maybe!!

Ahoy me hearties… Peace and light Ali xxx


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