NYE reflections on the year that was… walking learning looking to the future. 49/66

New Years Eve, December 31 2014.

winds of change

What a year it has been. Little did I realise as I walked my dog in the outer suburbs of the city back in early January that I would be packing up house and home and heading 5 hours south to this wonderful location.

view from Karri Mia towards the NullakiView to the Great Southern ocean on arrival

view from the motelView of farmland on the other side of the hill

Wilson Inletlooking back across the Wilson Inlet.

20 minutes exercise

Walking this morning was extra special as two of our favourite people were walking with us. There is nothing better than sharing those fabulous early morning moments with people who are valued and loved.

492 493 495 497

It was as if the universe was with us as one of the elusive Octopi appeared in a rock pool just to share the experience with them. We walked and talked and loved every minute.

I have been a walker for a long time on and off and this year has solidified my love of not only walking but of doing it in a place that is good for your heart, head and soul.

20 minutes learning.

I left the visitors on the beach with the Giant and headed home to practise my guitar just one last time for this year. This has been another surprise for the year. To find that I not only enjoy it but that I look forward to learning more has been lovely. I think that the complexity of the challenge of learning from a book with no teacher has kept me at it.


I have always felt connected to music wether it be by singing or listening. Music makes my heart sing and connects to me in ways that mere words can not convey. Isn’t that what it is all about…. connecting!!!

20 minutes reading/planning/ writing


When I am doing all of the above I really do consider what energy I am bringing into my personal space. In making a conscious effort to recognise the impact of my energy on others I have become more aware of that self same impact on me. So  all the reading, planning, writing has led me to a place of greater understanding and knowledge. There is still much that I am completely in the dark about but that is okay.. All in good time they say.

So as this New Year is almost upon us I wish you all a safe and happy journey into this new year. May you have the courage to face your fears and to do the things that you need to do to become the best, kindest, loving you.

Peace and light.. Ali xxx


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