Nothing is as constant as change… 51/66


Now that is what I call a pretty sunrise.. Another day in the same place and the world looks different again.

20 minutes exercise.


Just Riley and me on the walk today. The Giant, who had spent yesterday working very hard, was having a well deserved sleep in. I was up and at it as per usual and was so glad that I made the effort.


The tide was once again way out. We were waylaid by the octopus who chased Riley with the look of a good feed in his eyes. I was amazed at the boldness of this awesome creature to be taking on my grown dog. One of the old timers tells me they get very territorial so now I will have to watch out that he does not consider me to be a tasty bait.


As the Giant wasn’t walking today it was my turn to bring him back a treasure and this is his favourite kind.


I am always amazed by the life that exists in the harsh sand environment just atop the rocks so beautiful.


Time to head back for breakfast once again.

20 minutes learning

Real estate would seem to be a fickle business. Land prices are up and down and subject to all kinds of unknown variables. Today was learning all about the value of the land we are developing here at work. Trying to understand the pricing structure was a little bamboozling. The value of a view is such an intangible thing that I was not at all sure that the price was truly reflective of value. I guess only time and purchasers feedback will tell.

20 minutes reading.

Gone girl is almost gone… Even though I am not that impressed with the writing I am determined to finish it off.  That is the kind of reader I am… Then it will be back to something more my cup of tea. Maybe a little bit of Noam Chomsky to get my reading back on track!!

Until next time… Peace and light Ali xxx


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