it is all about the light, the learning and the research… 52/66

20 minutes exercise.

Our walk this morning was dominated by the extraordinary changing light of the sunrise. Today minimal words just pictures.

521 522 524 525 526 527

What else can I say.

20 minutes learning

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”

Isn’t it so that the more you learn the less you realise you know….

I am heading for 55 and have so much more I want to learn about. I am hungry for knowledge more than at any other time in my life. Only now at the top of my list is knowledge of myself… The one frontier that I have least explored. Time to get to know me.

20 minutes reading/planning/research

Research today was on blocks of land in Tasmania.

Davis Gully Road Four Mile Creek


Can you imagine having the privacy of over 400 acres??

This huge parcel of land sits high above the exclusive coastline of Four Mile Creek with panoramic views looking over some of the most pristine beaches and coastline in the area and taking in all day sun.

Sitting within minutes from well renowned surf breaks, beaches, fishing and Whitesands Estate makes this an ideal base to enjoy all that Four Mile Creek and the east coast has to offer. The property consists of mainly untouched native vegetation and large stands of trees providing a habitat for a wide range of native wildlife and providing and endless supply of firewood.

With over 400 acres, the options are endless with the possibility for further development, eco-retreat, carbon credits or large private property where you have all the space and privacy you could possibly ask for. This is a huge parcel of land at a small price that is unlikely to been seen again in this area.

Maybe another adventure in the making…. Who knows what tomorrow may bring…

Peace and light… Ali xxx


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