Doing things backwards today… Strange moments. 53/66

Today was one of those strange days… For the last 52 days have started with exercise before breakfast… Not today. I actually think that exhaustion finally caught up with me. 70 hour weeks eventually do that to you.. But all good. In an effort to keep some balance the Giant and I finished today with a walk on the beach.

20 Minutes exercise.

The light is very different at the end of the day to the beginning. It is as if there were a whole different world at play. Still the light is wonderful and gives my beloved Lights beach a whole different look… So enough words time for some pictures.

531 532 533 534 535 537 539 Riley having a sit down with us watching the setting of the sun.


Just a little bit of going, going, going…. gone.

20 minutes learning

Being exhausted has taught me a few things…. I am not bullet proof, or free from mistakes and oversights. I am just me. I give everything 110% and every now and then I have to stop… Regroup, recharge and then get back on the horse.. Today was about recharging… Just for the morning and then it was back to work as usual this afternoon.  Sleep will come easy tonight of that I am sure.

20 minutes planning

The Giant is now seriously looking at Tasmania and other far flung places for our next adventure.. We have started planning to finish off the house and then decide what and where we will go… Watch out world we are looking for the next place to call home.

Feeling blessed and tired but loving life.. Peace and light Ali xxx


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