The beauty of early morning light and a blessing for brothers and sisters 54/66

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20 Minutes exercise

Some mornings are just made for the soul and this morning was one of those.  Not to cold but cool, tide was out and the ocean was calm so the walk all the way to the third rock shelf was wonderful.


The shelf itself was calm and bathed in the wonderful light of morning.

Right down the end near the deep rock pool the wonderful plant life was exposed and looked absolutely amazing.


Like a mini forest waving in the ebb and flow of the water.

Meanwhile the ocean was picking up its game and by the time we climbed the stairs to the car park the ridge was swarming with surfers checking out the waves.

20 Minutes learning.

The Giant looked surprised as he recognised the tune to Yankee Doodle during my guitar practise today. We laughed at the fact that I have been trying to play it for over a week and today is the first time he recognised what it was I was trying to play. Still it indicated that I am still on track with learning and improving my skills..  Might even be time to turn the page in the book and try something new!!!

20 minutes reading…

Today I am back with John O’Donohue and his book ‘To Bless the Space Between Us’

One that caught my heart was entitled “For a brother or a sister”

The knowing that binds us

Is older than the apostrophe of cell

We formed from within the one womb.

All that flowed into us there

From the red village of ancestry

Sowed spores of continuity

That would one day flower

Into flickers of resemblance.

An unconscious gesture

Could echo an ancestor,

And the look of us stir

Recognition of belonging

That is ours alone.

And our difference finding

Its own rhythm of strangeness,

Leading us deeper into a self

That would always know its own

Regardless of difficulty and distance,

And through hurt no other could inflict;

Still somehow beside each other

Though the night is dark

With wind that loves

To clean the bones of ruins,

Making further room for light.

So beautiful. Just like today… love and light Ali xxx


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