Surfers, sunrise, barnacles and busy days 55/66

551 552

20 minutes exercise.

The surfers were on the ridge this morning just before 5am watching and waiting for the sun to lift into the sky and the waves to start rolling so they could wade out and do their thing. They really are patient with the ocean, probably because they are connected to its essence and the ebb and flow of the rhythm of life.


Sunrise this morning was once again spectacular. I am humbled everyday by the majesty of what unfolds before my eyes. The colour and the feeling that it generates are both blessings and gifts that fill my heart with gratitude for the opportunity to be where I am right now in life.

We walked the usual way and on the return I thought it was time to shoot some of the unusual things that are exposed when the tide is low.


All too soon the Giant, Riley and I are back in the car heading for home.

20 minutes learning.

More guitar today and the Giant was looking serious…. ‘You are so stubborn’  he said shaking his head.. What do you mean I asked… He exhaled and said ‘Well you just keep trying till you get it… Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn…’

Do you mean I keep at it till I get it… I asked   ‘That’s what I said stubborn’ mused the Giant… Thanks for the compliment I say.

‘No problem’ says the Giant smiling… Life is a funny business of interpretation… 🙂

20 Minutes reading 

So I am on the home stretch with Gone Girl… Frustrating as it has been it is actually improving toward the end.. And as I am one of those people who always finishes the book (a habit that has driven me to distraction at times) I am glad that I have soldiered on with it.

Reading has been a big part of my life since I could first read. Many of my favourite memories, adventures, romances and daring escapades have come from between the pages of books. So it is that I am a collector of written things. Maybe I will share some over the next few days…. You will have to wait and see.

Till then mark the page and come back soon… Love and light Ali xxx


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