Rain and stormy skies. 56/66

It rained last night and I awoke to mist and strange skies and 2 mm in the rain gauge.

20 Minutes exercise.

The sky was magical as Riley and I arrived at the beach today. The Giant was having a sleep in so we hopped in car and left him snuggled up in bed.

562 563 565 566 568

The ever changing nature of the sun through the clouds is something to behold. One of the wonders for which I feel blessed every day.

The beach was littered with debris from the ocean. The storm that blew through in the night had thrown these works of art up out of the reach of the now receding tide.

560 561 564 567

Riley was in his element running and sniffing every new thing on the beach.  He is such a great walk companion.


By the time we get back to the car he is ready to hop in and go home for breakfast.

20 minutes learning.

Well I am now feeling quite confident with my little tunes on the guitar and am thinking that is will soon be time to turn the page and move forward with the next couple of notes and tunes.

I am so amazed by what I have achieved in just 56 days. It is all about the consistent nature of the practise. And, as the Giant would say, I am stubborn….  Funny how things turn out.


20 minutes reading.

Well I am back in the book of blessings today and although many of them strike a chord this one seemed to be perfect for this morning.

Somewhere, out at the edges, the night

Is turning and the waves of darkness

Begin to brighten the shore of dawn

The heavy dark falls back to earth

And the freed air goes wild with light,

The heart fills with fresh, bright breath

And thoughts stir to give birth to colour.

Love every word of that so thank you John O’Donohue for your beautiful words.

Till we visit again.  Peace and beautiful light Ali xxx


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