The Wordsmith is on the beach and writing on the page…. 57/66


20 minutes exercise.

What a pleasure to be joined by the Wordsmith on the beach this morning. The man, with eloquence as his middle name, was at the door at 4:45am looking a little gun shy. However I am pleased to report that once his feet touched the sand and his eyes adjusted to the early morning light he was breathing deeply and enjoying the moment.


As always the mornings here are spectacular. The breeze was quite strong this morning and had a cutting edge to it as it came across the water.

The Octopus was in its usual hiding place and the Wordsmith was completely amazed at the way it moves and changes.

There was a very funny moment when the brazen creature chased the Wordsmith at some speed out of his pool. Exhilarating is the word that springs to mind.


Gargoyles are just as interesting to Wordsmiths as they are to mere mortals so catching the photo moment as he shot the bear was a double win.


Meanwhile Bell and Riley did their own thing exploring before heading back to the car park.


20 minutes learning.

Yankee Doodle, surf Rock and Rocking Robin were on the musical menu this morning. So simple yet so stretchy to get your fingers around.

The stretching is definitely working slowly but surely I am mutilating less of the music than before. Although the Giant did seem to think that my instrument needs a bit of fine tuning. I will do that tomorrow morning just to be sure that I am not playing spectacularly well on an out of tune instrument,

20 Minutes reading.

This morning was a time for reflection as I reread some of my own writing of the last year. As I reflect on the emotions behind the words I realise I was a lot more chaotic as a person when I arrived. Now I am settling in to who I am and am getting much more comfortable with who I see myself as.

Writing is my vehicle for expression, a vehicle that for a long time I was hesitant to drive in any direction. I had felt overwhelmed by the nature of the words that tumbled onto the page. Now I have learnt to embrace them, to see them as cathartic and to move forward through them.

So I thought I would share a little something I wrote back in July….


Have you ever watched a star fall down from Heaven.

Felt summer rain fall softly on your face.

Seen the last rays of sun sizzle on the Horizon

Heard the ocean call you home to your special place.

Life is filled with precious moments

One’s that take you breath away

It’s time now to breath and listen

To what your hearts got to say.

Have your ever watched a child’s first steps in wonder

Felt a hug that touched you right down to your soul

Seen storm clouds burst with rolling thunder

Heard the voice of that one person who makes you whole.

Life’s a gift so freely given

One chance to make a difference each day

Its filled with dreams and demons

The choice is yours to play.


Words and pages running through my head… Love and light Ali xxx


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