Stormy weather… 12C… Rain falling… Harmony in the workplace… 58/66

581 582 583

20 Minutes exercise

The Giant led the way onto the cold beach in the misty rain this morning. 12C and the wind whipping in off the ocean was a darn chilly experience… Invigorating some may say!! The water, as usual, felt warm on my feet. Riley was bounding around as fluffy dogs do in the cooler weather in his absolute element.

As we moved down the beach the weather started to close in at the same time breaks in the cloud created an amazing light display across the sky.


Riley was busy searching the crevices of the rock shelf for interesting things. The Giant had to call him away before the very active Octopus grabbed him on the nose.


I love the stormy skies and the view from the rocky outcrops of the tumultuous ocean take my breath away.


All too soon we are headed for home and a hot shower.

20 minutes learning.

Guitar tuning is a task that does not come easy to me. As with all new skills there is a nack and a feeling that goes with getting it right.

The universe is smiling down on me to have delivered two creative souls into my adjacent work space both having musical blood running in their veins.

Not only are they musical but they emanate a vibe that harmonises and delivers sweet experience when you spend time with them. For me being in the presence of other creative souls is humbling, connecting and joyful bringing immense gratitude. We laugh and converse and feel the universal tone.

Luckily the Zen man, who is very comfortable with a guitar, tuned my instrument back into the sweet spot that my dabbling had disrupted. Watching his hand glide over the frets made me realise that I have a long way to go yet gave me inspiration to carry on with this musical journey.

His partner, the Wild Spirit, has a musical heart that is open and vibrant. I sense that their love child will be a beautiful mix of the Zen and the Wild Spirit what a wonder they will be.

20 minutes reading.

Gone girl is almost gone and has gone (no pun or grammatical infraction intended!) from being a frustration to a plot that is twisting faster than the pages can cope….. At least it will be an interesting finish (or so I hope) then I will walk away and put this read down to experience with no intent on revisiting this author ever!

I am much more of a Charles De Lint fan or a bit of Umberto Eco… Evan a Miera Chand would do… Fussy I know but that is what recreational reading is all about, personal choice, or that is how I like to look at it!!

So now my instrument is tuned I bid you all a musical farewell, till tomorrow.. With love light and sound Ali xxx


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