Beauty, and the boundless nature of the universe. 60/66

Today is quite a milestone in this challenge as it is day 60 of 66!! As with all things sometimes glitches occur and so todays exercise didn’t happen until 4pm. That is one of the interesting things about life, you just have to go with the flow. Last night there were a number of factors that contributed to minimal sleep so that at 5am sleep finally occurred. Rather than get bent out of shape about the break in my routine I decided to finish today with a walk instead. At least it will give you all a different perspective on my lovely beach.

20 minutes exercise.

The big difference between walking in the am and the pm is the wind. In the afternoon it may be warmer but the wind is howling. Oh well a free exfoliation three years worth of skin cant be a bad thing…. The other bonus is the shades of blue… Unbelievable.

601 602 604 605 606 607 608 609

20 minutes learning.

Over the last 60 days I have made and effort to do things that resonate with me. None of it needs to be relevant to anyone else as this is a personal journey. There have been several characters who have wandered into the pages, I have loved that and appreciate that they chose to join me. Still this is a journey of self discovery.


20 minutes reading/planning/researching

Sometimes I find things along the road of searching that were not even on my radar that turn out to be invaluable to my journey. Maybe that is the point.

Maybe it is in the looking that we find what we really need and sometimes the thing we set out to look at becomes an irrelevant pit-stop on the journey. There are things that I now view as gifts that came simple because I was searching what a wonderful concept to recognise. Universe delivering simply and quietly even when you did not recognise the need.

Rest well people tomorrow is another day in this beautiful journey of life.

Love and light Ali xxx


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