Silhouette of a man in the early morning light. Content, excellent, laughing 61/66

610 611

20 minutes exercise.

The Giant wandered onto the beach ahead of me this morning, somewhat in his own headspace searching for treasure left on the shore by the outgoing tide. It was an image that struck a chord with me and became my angle for shooting on the beach this morning.

612 613 614 615 616 617619 618 619a


Reminds me of a castaway on an island immersed in the search for answers.. Resonates with this journey…  Content.

20 minutes learning.

Well the Giant nearly fell off his chair this morning with surprise as I picked up my guitar and played the blues piece without looking at the music..

‘I can believe you did that” said the Giant with just the right amount of surprise… Yep I said I did… didn’t even look at the page..

Progress my friends, might be slow but it is moving on… Excellent.

20 minutes reading/researching

WIFI is a fickle piece of work… So I unpacked the new printer/fax/scanner, followed all the instructions with an absolute step by step process… Everything lights up and yet when I go to connect  via WIFI… It wont!!!

After a large number of step by step attempts I finally concede and call tech support… They will call back as soon as a technician is available… Before next Christmas would be nice!!

There is a really good reason that on a good day I still like to write in books on actual paper with an actual pen…. Tech gear is great but only as great as your WIFI connection.  Roll on the pulse.   Laughing…

Thinking happy thoughts.. Love and light Ali xxx


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