Different view…. 62/66

This morning I took my big camera to the beach for a bit of a play those photos are not for here but it was interesting to be looking at life on the beach from the different view of a different lens.

20 minutes exercise.

621 622 623 624

Although we walked away from the rising sun this morning it was still a beautiful view and the air was still and light.

625 626 627 628

The ocean had thrown many treasures up on the beach in the night. Even the piles of seaweed are beautiful in the early morning light.  I am always amazed at what lies on the shore all gifts for which I feel very grateful.


As for the new beast in my collection it is going to take a bit of getting used to so might be a while before there are shots to share. Still a great challenge to figure out what works and what doesn’t. And as I am sure you are aware, I like a good challenge.

20 minutes learning.

I am now focussing on the playing, of the little pieces I have learn,t without using the book. My guitar is now feeling like a friend and even though I have only scratched the surface of the potential I am loving it as an instrument of escape into my own world.


20 minutes planning/ reading/ researching.

Today it was back to figuring out the new device and getting it to talk to my modem and my computer!! Wow.. After repeated attempts methodically following the scant instructions I was starting to feel like I was living that quote of Einstein “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome”

So after an hour of trying I decided to call the technician… I was ready to be shown the way by someone I imagined would take 2.3 millisecs to do what I could not… But no…

He came on my computer remotely and after a few minutes it was clear that it wasn’t clear to him either.. Soon we were in the MS Dos screen messing with code and IP addresses.

Nearly 2hrs later it worked… I wanted to know what had happened… Tech guy advised me “If you had an apple it would have figured this out for itself” great I thought…  Apparently my new computer had a snowflakes chance in hell of doing that!!

Still when you pay $249 for a fax/scanner/printer/copier and the tech is on the job for two hours for free it was worth it… Hillarious. And yes I am still preferring a pen and a piece of paper!!!

Living the technology dream 🙂

Peace light and Dos.. Ali xxx


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