I love flowers 63/66

Today I awoke to rain and overcast skies. 1 mm in the rain gauge and lots to do so the beach missed out this morning.

20 Minutes exercise.

I did however do my exercise around the gardens here at Karri Mia. As I walked and thought and checked for what needed to be done next I realised how many lovely plants we have here so this mornings photos are of some of the flowers in the garden.

631 632 634 635 636 637 638

The moderate climate spoils us with such lovely flowers all year round. A walk in the garden always seems much more like a gift than exercise and for that I feel blessed.

20 Minutes learning.

My new learning challenge is Autodesk Homestyler, a web based program that allows you to design a house from scratch, create a floor plan (multiple storeys if that is your thing) and then furnish it all to scale.

I have to say that it is easier than I thought until you want to put walls at strange angles. Still I will persevere. The beauty of it is that although you design in 2D it offers the option for you to view in 3D.

Makes you realise what you can do with small space living…

20 minutes planning

Today it is all about weddings for our guests. I already have several weekends in 2016 for which I have no vacancies. It would seem that getting married is alive and well contrary to public perception.

Some people may be taking a little longer to get there but they are still in the end seeing the value in tying the knot.

Isn’t that what a good romance needs??

Ribbons and bows, love and light Ali xxx


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