Back to the beach… 64/66

What a morning.. It rained during the night but not enough to register in the gauge so this morning up we got and Riley and I headed out to the beach. The Giant had already left yesterday on an expedition to the big smoke.


20 minutes exercise.

How could you not feel enthused about exercise when this is the view that greets you on the beach. It was a little cool and threatening rain from some of the heavier clouds. Magical light was just wonderful.


I even managed to capture the octopus reaching out to see if Riley was good for breakfast.. Funny moment.

643 645

There is something so special about the way the colours reflect on the water.

646 647

As the sun gets higher in the sky the changing light takes my breath away.


Then I found this old lady drinking tea among the rocks…


20 Minutes learning

Aura Lee on the guitar is actually sounding like it might be manageable. I am starting to find that I am remembering where the notes are so I am picking up the tunes quicker.

Will be leaving my trusty guitar at home over the next couple of days while I head to the city for a very special surprise 80th birthday.

Don’t worry I will be back with photos and stories to tell.

20 minutes reading.

Almost at the end of Gone Girl now… predictable and not holding my interest but I will battle on.. I think I have read so much true crime that fictional crime doesn’t really cut it.  What is it they say life is way more interesting than fiction.

Hoping and wishing Ali xxx


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